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How THIS FRIDAY could be the biggest contribution you will make to your business…

1 February 2016

... career and personal sales success

The best way you could spend this coming Friday afternoon‏…

It’s Time for action

Time to get busy. Not to work super hard. Time to be super smart.

Give yourself two hours. Get away from your normal place of work. Go somewhere where you won’t be interrupted. Turn the phone off. Yes, fully off, no vibrations. Off. Have a couple of pens with you – and lots of paper. No tablets to write on. No typing this time.

It doesn’t matter what your role is in the company – leading a team or one of the team – you’ll get so much from what’s coming up.

Get yourself mentally in the zone. Shut out anything else that may be happening…make a pledge to yourself that you’ll be 100% honest for as long as this exercise takes.

And consider, in detail, the following questions…

Is your performance all it can be?
How are you with your own performance?
When was the last time you received honest feedback on your performance?
When did you last give yourself a self appraisal session?
What do you feel pleased with in your personal progress?
What worries you?
What can you do about it?

Are you setting the right standards?

Are you setting the right standards for your organisation and those around you?
Are you proud of those standards?
Where might things be clarified or improved?
Does everyone around you understand what those standards are – and work by them?

Acid Test
What issues really need to be addressed?
What’s getting in the way?
What’s the single biggest obstacle that’s holding things back?
Where can calm and thoughtfulness help to make things better?
Do you have the courage of your convictions?

Blame Audit

Has laying blame crept into your organisation?
What or who is suffering because of this?
Are you tending to lay blame?
Are you taking responsibility?
How can you turn things around?

How can things be better for you at work?
How can things be better at home?
What’s really going on right now?
When did you last review your personal mission and vision?
Have you got a personal mission and vision?
How does this fit with your business or career mission?

Doing this exercise is one of the biggest contributions you will make to your business, career and personal sales success.

Clients have tried this when they least thought they could spare the time. Afterwards they felt so much more energised and ready to focus on making the RIGHT things happen.

Friday afternoon is the best time. This coming Friday would be perfect – so you can return to work on Monday feeling fresh and absolutely clear on what’s to be done.

Let me know how you get on.

Until next time.


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