"The 7 Biggest Mistakes"


The Seven Biggest Mistakes

...your sales people could be
making that cost you sales.

All the Sales Management support you need

What are your current leadership and management challenges?

- What keeps you awake at night?
- What frustrates you?
- What sort of leader are you?

Having great leaders and managers in your organisation is the key to your success. And if YOU lead people, how are you communicating with them?

- How are you motivating them?
- How are you going to improve your team’s performance?
- What steps can you take to get your teams working together?
- Which tactics are you using to enhance performance?

At The Sales Consultancy we work with you to come up with a winning leadership and management development programme tailored specifically for your needs.

We help you pre-define the characteristics you want from a successful manager or team member.

You can then use our measuring mechanism for checking where they are NOW.

We then develop and deliver a programme for you to ensure those specific competencies and attributes are instilled.

You can then measure the improvements using the same assessment criteria you used before the programme commenced.

For a deeper assessment you can go for a Psychological Profile specifically designed to uncover deeper barriers to sales success.

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