The Essential Sales System for Small Business

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Do you hate selling?

Every business depends on getting customers for its survival and yet, if you ask a room full of people if they like selling, only one or two hands go up. Most of us hate being sold to, so we don’t want to sell to other people.

Does this sound familiar to you? I bet you have a rueful smile on your face.

Large organisations can afford to pay for great sales people - and to train them in the essential sales skills so they get results. If you’re running a smaller business though, it can be tough finding sales people who can deliver. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it yourself!

I love sales!

I’ve been helping companies to improve their sales in a variety of ways for the last 29 years. It all started many moons ago when, as a young sales manager, I became more and more frustrated by the inconsistent performance of my sales team.

I decided to work out what the problem was and try to fix it. I thought it was just a case of learning a few skills - but I discovered that what goes on in each sales person’s head affects their ability to succeed.

One thing led to another and I’ve spent the last 16 years training thousands of sales people and business owners to use psychology so that they not only succeed, but excel - and get past all that ‘I hate selling’ negative programming.

Now companies come to me when they’ve tried everything else to increase their sales - and are still not getting the results they want.

I’ve developed a system that works - where conventional sales training doesn’t - and it allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

It sounds good - but it’s still sales isn’t it?

The system I’ve created isn’t about learning a sales process (although understanding the way a sale works is part of it) - it’s about helping you to feel differently about sales. By the time you’ve gone through the programme, those ‘but I don’t like selling’ voices in your head will be banished for good!

The people who have been on my sales training programmes have improved their sales figures by between 20-100% - and that’s happened even in a recession! If you don’t think you’ve got it in you to be a ‘hot-shot’ sales person - I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the outcomes.

“Being in sales for over 30 years I thought “what could I possibly be taught”. However, I believe Leigh had something more to offer. All I can say is we have had our best 2 quarters since 2007, quite amazing as we are a British manufacturer operating in a worldwide recession.”Mark Farley - Main Systems

Imagine how good you will feel when:

  • - You know how to be 100% ready for action before you visit a potential client or pick up the phone to call them without experiencing all those ‘I’d rather be at the dentist’ thoughts and feelings getting in the way.
  • - You can work much more effectively with your clients so they get what they want without any fancy sales tricks or pressure selling of any kind.
  • - You go home at the end of every day feeling good, happy and full of energy, not tired, stressed and drained.

Isn’t this a bit too good to be true?

Plenty of people who have been in the same place you are now know this works - and now you don’t have to attend a training workshop. No travel, no losing a couple of days from your busy schedule, no stress; I’ve put everything together in a single package.

“My perception of selling was that I had to give prospective customers every bit of information possible. I now realise that it’s much more vital to find out what the prospective customers want.

My success at converting prospective customers into actual signed up clients has grown… and I’m more relaxed! I had concerns beforehand but instead found Leigh’s friendly guidance and support made it ten out of ten for me. Thank you!!”Roger Malyon - Barn Service Limited

My Digital version of The Essential Sales System for Small Business really delivers everything you need to take down the barriers that stop you creating a successful business!

You’ll get…

  • Over four hours of content that will take you through a step-by-step process at your own pace.
  • A professionally edited recording of the live workshop that gives you the essential steps to successfully remove your ‘sales-phobia’.
  • The tools to get your mindset right for selling.
  • The means to know your customers’ mindset better than ever before.
  • Tips to help you to investigate your sales and marketing options.
  • Clarity on your business’s Key Performance Indicators.
  • The steps to set up your Essential Sales System.
  • A process for managing your system - your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and goals to achieve success.

And most important, the peace of mind that comes with the confidence to generate new business and achieve your sales targets consistently - regardless of the current economic climate.

“Sales were a ‘necessary evil’ when I started my own business and one which caused me most discomfort. Leigh showed me that selling needn’t be fearful and gave me a lot more confidence.  The end result of the changes I’ve made… we are now talking to potential clients that previously we wouldn’t have reached and have recently won a contract with a London borough and a large care group.”Eda Brooks - Projects Director, Access 21 Interiors

How much is all this going to cost?

A place on our one day live workshop costs £147 (which in today’s market is a bargain) plus, of course, your travel and other costs in getting to and from the venue. However, we’re not going to charge you as much as that.

Your personal Essential Sales System for Small Business programme to learn at your pace, in your own home or office is just £29.95 (+VAT).

Get The Downloads Here

Just £29.95 (Plus VAT)


This means that right away you’re saving 80% compared with attending a workshop.

Best of all - the pain of having to sell, the dread that you’ve experienced every time you have to make sales calls, the stress of being under pressure to sell - will all be gone! Right now, you might find that hard to believe - but read what some of the people who have already experienced this programme have to say.

“Although a Master Practitioner in NLP… I was still not successful at sales. Leigh showed me how to put my NLP skills into a selling context allowing me to guide prospect to the benefits of what I sell.  I’m now able to naturally succeed in all aspects of sales.Dr Harley Farmer - CEO - NewGenn Ltd

“Thanks Leigh. I’d no idea how much the marketplace had changed. I’m now more confident to ask for the business and I no longer justify my fee. I’ve picked up new clients and where I previously would initially work for free I am now more aware that my services are valuable and worth paying for.”Renée Wallen - SEO Content Writer & Editor

“My perception of selling was a poor one…and I would put off the dreaded sales activity with a lame excuse. I’ve put into practice the positive ways to turn situations around that would previously have been a huge challenge to me. Leigh is the “John Lewis” of the sales world! She delivers what she promises and I trust her!!”Lynn Batham - Alan Batham Digital Photography

Don’t continue to suffer - change your world now! With a cast iron guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose!