"The 7 Biggest Mistakes"


The Seven Biggest Mistakes

...your sales people could be
making that cost you sales.

Sales Team Training

Managing a team for Sales Success

If you’re managing a team then you’ll be only too aware what a roller coaster ride sales management can be!

Yet have you explored how psychology can improve the selling skills and all round performance of your sales team? Conventional sales training is based around changing the behaviours of sales people. What don’t get addressed are the psychological barriers that get in the way of great sales performance.

The Sales Consultancy has developed a proven process that…

- Identifies the psychological barriers that could be holding back the performance of your team – and gives the tools to overcome those barriers

- Teaches sales people how the mind works – so your team knows exactly how to stay focussed and motivated

- Transfers the ability to identify the psychological preferences and traits of your customers and prospects so they can connect and communicate at a much deeper level – and close more sales

...and at a higher level it creates more success in their lives so they become happier generally – and a happier sales team will generate you more sales!

Using this process you can expect sales increases between 20% and over 100% - with sustainable ongoing growth well after the initial training programme.

There are so many sales people struggling out there - and by incorporating our programme you’ll be giving your team the tool set to eliminate what’s holding them back. You’ll see changes in them at a much deeper level – and you’ll see them achieving great sales on a consistent basis.

There are so many things you could do…

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