"The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes"

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"The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes"

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Using Sales Psychology to Improve Your Results

Turns your Average Sales Performers into Star Performers


• All of your team hitting and beating their targets – every time
• They’re getting results through applying leading edge sales skills
• They have eliminated those negative traits that held them back
• You’ve got the secret to taking the team to new levels of motivation and achievement
• Knowing your latest recruit is guaranteed to succeed
• Avoiding all those costly sales mistakes that so many sales executives make time after time

You don’t have to imagine all of this - just expect it!

The Sales Consultancy has joined forces with leading business psychologist David Taylor of The APA Consultancy to bring you this unique programme.

There is now a way for you to identify those precise behaviours, traits and attitudes that cause some sales executives to continually underperform.

And crucially, once we’ve helped you identify the presence of these negative and
demotivating traits, we can offer you a cure!

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How it works…

We use a tried and tested psychological profile questionnaire to find out the candidate’s current situation. The response is scored, analysed and benchmarked against successful peers.

Feedback sessions are held with the participant to agree strengths and weaker areas – and with their manager to agree on performance gaps and a specific plan of action

Specific Training modules are designed and delivered with the individual and team’s needs in mind. Where appropriate individual coaching and mentoring sessions compliment the training. Improvements are usually quick, measurable and sustained.

Follow up sessions help embed the training and coaching.

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