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What are Your Sales Challenges?

If you’re similar to most companies we’ve helped in the last 18 years, you’ll be only too aware of what a roller coaster ride sales can be.

For example…

  • Are some of your team regularly smashing their targets whilst others are really struggling to get near theirs?

  • Do you find yourself listening to the same old reasons and excuses for why targets haven’t been reached?

  • Does there seem to be a lack of confidence and self belief amongst some members of your sales team which is affecting their results?

  • Maybe some get knocked back too easily and are slow to recover from the inevitable ‘no’s they get?

  • Do you detect a reluctance to pick up the phone, make that appointment, follow up that proposal?

  • Perhaps you wonder why some of your sales team are really easy to motivate whilst others ‘just sit there’?

All of these will result in fewer sales than you’d otherwise be achieving. And on a personal level you’d have some people who weren’t getting close to reaching their full potential


Perhaps you’ve got a pretty good team BUT you know that they’re capable of even more?

Even when outwardly confident, sales people can often lack that inner confidence and practical strategies to achieve great sales results on a consistent basis. Even high performers have inner barriers to certain activities.

Your sales team may have had sales training in the past, which produced a short term boost in results - only to find that performance levels returned to their pre-training levels after just a few weeks. Sound familiar?

Do you know why this happens?

“Conventional sales training simply doesn’t address the psychological barriers that get in the way of consistently great sales”

Leigh Ashton

The Sales Accelerator Programme we’ve created takes your sales team through a process that…

  • Transforms the individual and collective mindset of your sales team. How they behave, how they respond to events, colleagues, their outward environment

  • Changes what they believe…about themselves, their ability, their customers and potential customers

  • Gives them the tools to identify the psychological patterns of your customers and potential customers so they can connect with them at a deeper level and achieve more sales

  • Combines ‘psychology of communication’ concepts into a set of practical sales tools to build better rapport, create deeper customer connections, ask better questions, develop greater flexibility, close more deals

  • Helps them to identify their psychological barriers around selling and gives them personal strategies to overcome them

  • and at a higher level…

  • Creates more success in other areas of their lives so they are happier generally…and happier people generate more sales (Harvard Business Review Jan 2012) 


To find out how The Sales Accelerator Programme can help YOU, call 07970 753664 and ask for Leigh or Jonathan

“Excellent. It has given me some great tools to install with my team to allow me to grow and strengthen them. This will allow me to manage the team better and ultimately grow sales.
Leigh was brilliant - delivered with style and passion”
James Lewis, Head of Partnerships, Holiday Extras

How it works…

The Sales Accelerator Programme can be designed specifically for your particular needs…this is how it works for most companies…

A 90 day programme consisting of…

  • 3 full days of training – one day per month. Enables the new concepts to be absorbed and practiced in bite sized chunks

  • 3 Follow up sessions with those tasked with driving the learning in between sessions

  • We manage and monitor the specific priority actions identified by each attendee at the close of each day of training. This is done via email, phone or Skype to ensure the concepts are understood and practised

  • We are ‘on call’ throughout the programme to answer questions and help whenever it is needed

  • The nominated stakeholders are kept informed throughout the programme of actions and general progress through the modules

  • A comprehensive training programme workbook containing explanatory notes on each concept covered. Each delegate adds their own notes throughout the programme to produce a personalised reference guide for years to come

  • (optional) Before the training and two months after its completion, each attendee can take an award winning “Sales Profile Questionnaire”. He/she will receive a 20 page report explaining sales areas of strength and developmental areas

“Since you were with us we have radically overhauled our entire sales approach and training process in line with our discussions with yourself - it’s now far more natural and customer focussed.

The culture here has changed tremendously. We’ve a far more motivated sales team and team leaders, results have lifted and there is a noticeable spring in the step of the staff.

I just wanted to thank you because you set us on that path.”
Jon Eserin, Managing Director, Pure Ltd


How will it help your sales team?

  • - Eliminates any inner reluctance to specific sales activities

  • - Increases awareness to triggers and clues in conversations and the ability to tailor their approach accordingly

  • - Stops reasons and excuses and creates personal responsibility for their results

  • - Creates greater awareness of potential sales opportunities

  • - Generates a more flexible approach to sales

  • - Builds resilience and an ability to deal with ‘No’

  • - Improves confidence to step outside their comfort zones and boundaries

  • - Boosts their ability to create and ask the right questions

  • - Helps generate deeper long term relationships with your clients

  • - They will close more sales
  • “Loved it. Excellent. By far the best training course I’ve been on, due to the delivery and explanations for each section. I feel I have grown massively and understand my staff on a completely different level”Ian Rowley, Sales Manager, Motorpoint

    The Sales Accelerator Programme will enable your team to create a deeper level of rapport quickly with clients and prospects, helping them to establish successful long-term relationships. They will learn to access their own creative flexibility when dealing with different people and have greater awareness of the effect their communication is having.

    If what they are doing isn’t working they will be able to quickly and easily shift their approach to suit the prospect or client. Our mission is to give your people the ability to sell themselves, their ideas, your services and products in a confident and powerful way…and yet feels completely natural.


    The outcome is for your team to be inspired and motivated to take action that generates more success…and creates more confidence…a positive self fulfilling prophecy!


    Find out more…

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    What YOU will get…

      A deeper understanding than ever before of your prospects and clients, their needs, their issues, their strategies, their buying motivation and what’s important to them, resulting in…

    • Increased Sales!
    • More successful sales conversations
    • A more motivated and engaged team
    • Increased confidence, individually and company-wide
    • A happier, less stressed workforce
    • Goal focussed individuals
    • A more resilient sales team
    • Stronger sales leadership

    • Whilst we can’t calculate what the exact results will be, past training shows that you can expect a typical sales increase of 20% upwards…much more in individual cases! (see our GUARANTEE below)


    Sales Training

    In addition…

    • - Monthly sessions will ensure progressive learning that encourages and motivates your people to use their new skills in the workplace

    • - An Action Plan will be completed during each module by each participant to focus on the implementation of skills and achievement of greater sales success

    • - All activity and learnings will be reviewed monthly to evaluate the impact and results

    • - Telephone/email support is offered between sessions to help integrate the new strategies

    • - Each module builds on the last to progressively develop their skills

    • - Current activity levels need to be confirmed in order to measure the positive impact of the training on an ongoing basis

    • - After each session, you will also have our input on what you could do as a business in order to maximise the impact of the training and your sales productivity


    “A great foundation for my team to build on their successes. Leigh was engaging, inspiring, interesting and motivational.
    This has given me an increased awareness of how to get even more sales from my team”Katherine Orr, Customer Support Business Manager, British Airways



      We are so confident you’ll achieve significant results that we GUARANTEE…

    • Increased Sales!

    • Substantial positive changes in the behaviour and attitude of your team

    • Additional coaching after the programme for any individuals that need extra support to integrate new behaviours…at our expense

    • Your money back if you don’t believe that this programme has made a positive contribution to your sales objectives


    Thank you very much for your interest in our approach and we hope to work with you to develop your team to deliver even greater sales!

    To answer your questions…

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    Ask for Leigh or Jonathan

    “I have learnt far more in these three sessions than any other training course I’ve been on (and I’ve been on many!)
    The presenters were focussed on us and very flexible in adapting to our needs. I now believe in my own abilities both at work and in my personal life - and am seeing results”Leanne Regan, Business Development Executive, Holiday Extras


    Sales Training