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"The 9 Biggest Sales Mistakes"

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Sales Mentoring Programme

Is this YOU?

- You’re fed up with working too hard and too long on your business – and you’re still not generating the sales you want?
- You know there’s something holding you back and you can’t quite put your finger on it?
- You don’t know enough about sales and don’t know what to do about it?
- You love what you do but you just don’t like selling that much?

It doesn’t have to be like this…


Sales Mentoring Programme for Business

...unlocks Your Winning Sales Mindset!
- Identify and smash through the barriers that hold you back
- Find your winning sales mindset so you stay confident, focussed and motivated
- Become the person you need to be to achieve sales success – and the lifestyle you want

...ensures you understand your customers and prospects like never before!
- Recognise your customers and prospects psychological preferences – what makes them buy…or not buy!
- Know what they want more of – and what they want less of
- Understand how to better engage with them, connect with them and to generate more leads, improved conversions and increased sales you lots of practical sales strategies!
- Get the latest sales success tools, templates and tactics
- Create your own sales process that really delivers
- The inside story on presenting, networking, building your database, negotiating, writing copy, closing techniques, social media strategies, telephone techniques, joint ventures….and a whole lot more!


You get…

- 12 x monthly half day group sessions – Central London
- A workbook for each module full of tools and tips to have at your fingertips
- A recording of each session so that you can review it at any time
- 12 x one to one telephone accountability calls to keep you on track
- Email and telephone support if you get stuck throughout the 12 month programme
- A ‘Personal Sales Profile’ analysis at the start of the programme to assess your gaps – and at the end to measure how far you’ve come

All this for only £150 + VAT per month*


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to focus on creating your winning sales mindset, understanding your customers mindset and developing your sales tool kit? 

Commences September 2012

Payment Plan 1

One Full Payment of £1800 +VAT (£2160)*

Payment Plan 2
Deposit of £350 + VAT (£420)
Plus 10 x monthly payments of (£175 +VAT)

We guarantee that by attending this programme you will improve your sales results - or your money back!

To Apply or find out more - email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us on 020 7993 2257


Individual Modules

These modules formed the core content for our most recent Sales Mentoring Programme. We’re flexible around the core needs of each group so these may change slightly as we move through the 2012 programme.

1) Introduction and The Basic Principles of Selling
Introductions. Setting dynamic goals for the programme. Getting the most from your sales training. The Way we communicate. The 5 Keys to ultimate sales success. Setting ‘well formed outcomes’

2) Rapport
How to build rapport with anyone – and how to maximise rapport once you’ve achieved it. ‘Sensory Acuity’. Representational Systems in detail. Identifying them in yourself and others. Using words, voice intonation and noticing eye patterns

3) Understanding The Pains and Gains of Selling
‘Towards’ and ‘Away From’ buying traits. Using pain and gain statements to maximise selling results. Discovering buyers and prospects’ technical, personal and business pain principles.

4) Overcoming Your Sales Challenges
Identifying your sales barriers. The role of beliefs. Identifying the limiting beliefs that stop you maximising your potential. The ‘Sales Inventory’. Eliminating your limiting beliefs.

5) Write Your Own Sales Plan
Considering and clarifying your target markets. Knowing the mass of sales and marketing tools at your disposal. Identifying your KPI critical business drivers. Putting together your detailed sales plan

6) Making Social Media Work For You
Your social media identity. Today’s social media options. Crucial questions to ask yourself before you expand your social media activity. What to say, who to say it to, when to say it. What NOT to do.

7) Revision and Review Session

Measuring your progress. Revisiting each session and any challenges arising. How to replicate successes and learn from what’s not worked. Noticing changes in yourself. Setting the scene for the next six months.

8) Understanding Meta Programmes

Meta Programmes - software for humans. Understanding the ways in which customers, prospects and colleagues all differ. Delivering the messages that you know will hit the spot. What questions to ask. What answers to give.

9) Practical tips for sales success
The latest tips for growing your database. Creating emails that get results. Getting success on the telephone. Updating your networking skills. Overcoming objections – and much more.

10) Perfecting Your Sales Pitch
The ingredients for a perfect sales or networking pitch. The mistakes everyone makes and how to avoid them. Building killer phrases. Constructing statements that will leave a lasting impression

11) Sales Success Through Joint Ventures
The formula for joint venture success. Identifying relationships that will produce the perfect joint venture. Developing your joint offering. Measuring joint venture success.

12) Final Revison Session + Graduation

Putting it all together. Reviewing the year. Measuring progress. Solving last minute challenges. Setting future goals. Celebrating success!

If you want top quality sales advice to drive your sales up without the huge price tag that normally goes with it - our Sales Mentoring Programme is for you.               

- If you’re not getting the sales you want and need expert advice
- If meeting once a month to learn, network and plan your actions appeals
- If you’d like access to us in between sessions for advice via the telephone and email
- If having the vital second opinion on your key sales issues is what you’re missing
- If you would benefit from receiving a wider perspective

The Sales Mentoring Programme could be just what you need

- You’ll get to know how to achieve your sales targets on a regular basis
- You’ll get to know your clients and prospects better than you ever have done before
- Crucially you’ll discover those barriers that are holding you back – and how to eliminate them
- Maybe you want to develop a winning sales pitch
- Or find out what really makes your teams tick
- You’ll discover how to increase motivation levels – of those around you – and for yourself

And so much more too!

You’ll have access to sales director expertise without the sales director overheads!

To Apply or find out more - email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us on 020 7993 2257