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"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Your Sales People Could Be Making"

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Do your team have the Growth Mindset to deliver high performance?

The world is in a state of accelerated technical growth.

Are your sales people changing their approach to suit this fast paced, constantly evolving world?

If you’ve noticed these behaviours in some of your sales people…

  • Uncomfortable speaking with C Suite
  • Find it difficult to orchestrate high value, complex deals
  • Prefer to go with the solutions they feel most comfortable with
  • Don’t collaborate with others to create bigger opportunities
  • Give you reasons and excuses for not achieving targets
  • Are generally uncomfortable stepping out of their comfort zone to do new and more effective things?

…what you are missing in your team is a Sales Growth Mindset!

You can give them the best of the best in terms of skills training and great software but if they don’t believe they can do it…they won’t!

Great sales start with a great mindset.

So how do you measure Growth Mindset levels in your Sales Team?

Mindset Advantage is the perfect diagnostic to discover where your team are and what you can do to develop their Growth Mindset…an essential for high performance and long term sales success!

Mindset Advantage is a product developed by Matthew Syed Consulting. There really is no other Growth Mindset diagnostic that delivers the same depth of insights.

We were so impressed that we are now an accredited partner.

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From our Blog

From Our Blog


“Breath of fresh air – changed the way I feel about approaching people & renewed my excitement about sales and what I need to do to get where I want to be.”

TW, Serenity