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"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Your Sales People Could Be Making"

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Sales Training with a difference!

Why do so many sales people avoid activities that would increase their sales…even when they have had sales training?

Why is it that no matter how much you discuss it with them, they carry on doing what they have always done…even when it doesn’t work?

Let’s be honest…conventional sales training on its own, doesn’t work.

No matter how good the training is…it doesn’t generally lead to changes in behaviour.

The interesting thing is that most sales people know what they should be doing to achieve more sales…and are simply not doing it. So why is that?

It’s because knowing something isn’t the same as doing something. It all comes down to mindset…if you have a winning sales mindset…you’ll do what it takes and achieve sales success.

Why is our Sales Training different?

It’s not more sales training that’s needed in an under performing environment…it’s sales mindset training that makes the biggest difference.

Companies have been turning to The Sales Consultancy since 1995 for sales mindset training. That’s what we do…that’s what we’ve always done…that’s our expertise.

The great thing about sales mindset training is that it’s not just a quick fix…it’s a long term fix, because when you change a person’s sales mindset and their self belief…they can never go back to their old ways of thinking.

So how much could you increase your sales by a shift in your team’s mindset?

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From our Blog

From Our Blog

I’ve incorporated the courses into a spreadsheet to manage my next 6 months. I now have my goals and less drift. Unhinging negative thoughts and replacing them with positive feelings that I know well from moments of accomplishment has certainly renewed my positivity and purpose!

James, Sales Person