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Sales Mindset Training

sales training, sales mindset training


sales leadership development, sales leader training, sales leadership training, sales leadership coaching


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Sales Mindset

sales training, sales mindset training


sales leadership development, sales leader training, sales leadership training, sales leadership coaching


sales enablement support, sales management training

What does success mean for you?

“When you develop mindset skills in your team it skyrockets the impact of their sales skills and leadership…and you create a culture that cultivates happy, motivated and high performing people. Then the magic really flows…it’s a winning combo that leads to consistently great sales!”

Leigh Ashton, The Sales Consultancy

Your Training Solutions

Underperforming sales team? Or you just want to take them from good to great? Whatever your training and development aspirations, you’ll need your sales team and leaders to be equipped with laser focussed selling skills…and that other crucial element – a winning sales growth mindset.

Sales Mindset

Create the sales team you’ll need for the success you want

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Develop your leaders and watch them create a successful team

sales leadership development, sales leader training, sales leadership training, sales leadership coaching


Helping your teams deliver outstanding sales results

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Live In-Person

In the room training…learning, bonding and growing together

Sales training, sales training programmes, Sales training courses, live sales training

Live Virtual

Live and interactive training delivered remotely to your team

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Flexible training programmes accessible anywhere 24/7

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You’re unique…as are all our clients.
You have your own specific challenges and development objectives.
Book a quick chat here to share YOUR challenges and development objectives…and to explore if we are a good fit to get you to where you want to go.

Which Sales Challenge?

You’re not alone! The challenges you face, whilst unique to you, will be similar to those faced by other sales leaders world over.

We often discover that the same core issues are present within sales and leadership teams…

Sales training, sales consultant, sales training courses, sales mindset training

Sales Team?

Inconsistent with their sales? Not focusing on the right activities? Low levels of motivation? That’s frustrating, time consuming to manage and costs you sales.

Building a Top Team

Transform your team by giving them a sales growth mindset, the latest practical sales techniques and greater influencing skills. Check out our Sales Training packages or book a quick chat.

sales mindset training, sales training, sales training courses, growth mindset training,

Sales Mindset?

Do they lack confidence or belief in themselves? Lack proactivity? Stuck in their comfort zone? Yet offer an array of reasons and excuses for not hitting their target?

Create a Winning Approach

Your sales people probably know what they SHOULD be doing…so what stops them? It’s their mindset! Transforming the mindset of your sales people is going to be your biggest ever win.

sales leadership development, sales leader training, sales leadership training, sales leadership coaching

Skills Gap

Are your Sales Leaders struggling to achieve high performance in their teams? Are they telling not leading? Not enough coaching? Reluctant to tackle under-performance?  

Developing Great Leaders

Every Sales Leader can succeed with the right development and support. Check out our Sales Leadership Programmes or book a quick chat to discuss your specific Sales Leadership challenges.

How good would it feel to resolve these issues?
How bad could things get if you don’t take action now?

Leigh Ashton and The Sales Consultancy

I’ve been selling since 1985 and set up The Sales Consultancy ten years later – loving every minute of the journey. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved…

And there’s more to do! We’re as hungry as ever to help today’s sales teams and sales leaders achieve more.


sales mindset training, sales consultant


Sales People Trained


Clients Served


Sales Leaders Guided

Sales training, sales consultant, sales training courses, sales mindset training

Your High Performing Sales Team

What you can expect from your sales teams and leaders once they’ve completed our training programmes

These are just some of the key skills and attributes that will lead to more opportunities, higher conversions and increased sales.

Some brands we've worked with

What our clients say…

Quick thoughts from our valued clients and partners…

Measure your potential return on investment here

We’re very confident in our ability to create a 20% increase in your sales revenue.
To help you understand how that might play out, enter a few basic figures below to get an idea of what’s possible at an increase of just 15% 😊
We’ve estimated a Net Profit of 20%.

We think you’ll find the potential gains mouth-watering!

The Sales Consultancy

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Your training delivery choices

Whatever your training need we’ve got it covered. Whichever training programme you go with, you can have it delivered
in your preferred format, or even a blended mix of formats…

Live In Person

The full ‘in the room’ interactive and social experience; the long-established training method still preferred by many sales teams and sales leaders.

Live Virtual

Live, interactive virtual training delivered via shorter and more frequent online sessions is a great option to train your remote teams and leaders.


Flexible Training Programmes delivered in bite sized chunks to your teams worldwide and accessible 24/7. At their own pace and time…anywhere.

Latest Sales Leadership and Growth Mindset Blogs

Learn more about sales growth mindset, leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship success, and more from our wide array of resources.

Ready to talk?

In two minds?
Why not book an ‘Exploration’ call? You can ask questions, share your challenges and explore the possibilities.
You’ll then be in a much better place to plan your next steps.


The Sales Consultancy is a training company that believes that (conventional) sales training doesn’t work! Strange? We’d better explain…conventional sales training doesn’t work because it tends to solely be based around skills, behaviour and process training and instruction. There’s a missing link – mindset. How a sales person or sales leader thinks will ultimately dictate whether they will succeed or fail, no matter how much knowledge they possess.

So, at The Sales Consultancy our programmes are based on giving sales people and sales leaders winning growth mindsets! Be reassured…our programmes are not full of woo woo stuff! Just many powerful sales mindset improving strategies which enable sales people and leaders to shine in their everyday practical working environments.

Most sales people know WHAT to do – and HOW they should be doing it. So why is it many just don’t do those actions that will ‘guarantee’ them success? It’s because their MINDSET is not up to succeed in a demanding selling environment. Most sales people have deep seated and long-lasting psychological barriers, centred around a lack of self-belief, low confidence levels and low resilience, preventing them from consistently achieving their targets.

This is where Sales Mindset Training comes in…to help everyone identify those specific, often unconscious barriers that hold them back, and replace them with a sales growth mindset that properly prepares them to go on to achieve success in sales – and love it too!

Specifically, you can expect the very results that you agree with us after you’ve called us in to tell us the challenges you are experiencing. So, though these challenges will be unique to each of our clients, we generally say you can expect a 20% increase in sales, as a result of your team being much happier, more productive and displaying much more confidence, self-belief and resilience.

We’ll travel to wherever we need to to ensure your sales teams and leaders get the training and support agreed. Bear in mind too that we can deliver training live over Zoom, Teams etc via eLearning. Indeed several of our clients are now preferring a blended approach, with in-the-room sessions being complemented by live virtual and elearning content. All our programmes are designed to be interchangeable across the potential delivery formats.

The concept of a Growth Mindset was originally developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. A sales growth mindset focusses in on the Key Principles or traits that the most successful sales people and leaders consistently demonstrate, for example ongoing curiosity, situational awareness, team focus, taking ownership.

Check out or leadership programmes for more detail. To be clear, develop a sales growth mindset and you will achieve much more personally and professionally.

Each method of training delivery has its pros – and the odd challenge. When choosing, things we would talk through are the nature of your business, the sales and leadership challenges you are currently experiencing and want to resolve, the location of those likely to attend and so on. For a quick introduction to the characteristics of each delivery format, check out our ‘pros and considerations’ table on the Live in person, Live virtual and eLearning pages on this website.

Bear in mind too that our programmes are designed to be interchangeable across each of the potential delivery formats, and several clients are now opting for a blended approach, making for a varied programme tailored to the learning styles of their teams.

We’ll need a minimum of ten sales people for a ‘live in person’ session. If the group is made up of leaders only, then we can drop the minimum to six. Regarding numbers, and how the group size can change for live virtual sessions and eLearning courses, it’s really better to contact us and let’s talk it through!

Not at all! The programmes you’ll see throughout these websites tend to be our core ‘flagship’ programmes that are perfect for many clients (the content is based on Leigh’s 30+ years in sales and leadership. Bear in mind we tailor the delivery specifically to the client’s needs we’ve identified well before we start delivering.

Our guiding principle is flexibility… and other clients choose shorter programmes, often as an introduction, and follow on with additional programmes over time. And if you’ve identified challenges in your sales teams or leaders that aren’t addressed in any of our programmes, we’ll create one for you.

Yes. Our programmes are designed on a modular basis and, post-covid are becoming increasingly ‘blended’ anyway. Several of our clients now tend to begin a programme with a live in person session, receive the middle sections of the programme by Live Virtual or eLearning means, before rounding off the programme with a final in-person session.

To specifically answer your question, if you initially decided on an ‘in the room’ programme and then decided to switch to live virtual or eLearning half way through, this can be done (it happened during lock down and worked really well!)

First, we would never get to the end of the training programme before establishing it doesn’t work. That’s because of our pre-programme preparation, and our ongoing liaising with all stakeholders throughout the programmes, meaning that we can tweak and focus the content to ensure that it always does work. Then, after the training programme has been completed we will continue until the mission has been accomplished and everyone has got what they need from the programme.

To back this up we provide a guarantee for the effectiveness of our programmes, based on achieving the objectives we jointly agree at the start.

Leigh Ashton leads all live training sessions whether in person or virtual. All of our on line courses feature Leigh too. In certain circumstances Leigh may invite guests to appear at live or virtual sessions as part of a training day. Finally, and depending on our clients’ training needs, we may ask one of our specialist associates to contribute on selected modules.

Anywhere! Your place. Our place. A neutral venue. We discuss this with you. The main things being we have certain requirements of a training environment and as long as those are met, we’re good to go.

It’s different of course with remote learning whether live or pre-recorded eLearning modules. Often delegates tune in from their homes or work locations anywhere in the world. All they would require is a decent internet connection and a peaceful learning environment!

Most of our eLearning courses will take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete. These bite sized chunks of learning are ideal to learn a concept or technique and be ready to use it in their role.

We believe strongly in an action orientated fully supported personal development environment, and so most of our courses require those on the programme to choose the actions they will take to bring the learning to life – and take them. And be supported throughout by their manager.

Typically…first an exploratory chat to drill down on the challenges your experiencing and what your solution to these challenges would look like. With your agreement we draw up a thorough training proposal indicating how we suggest your objectives can be met, and what level of investment would be required on your part.

Upon the go-ahead from you we then create the agreed training programme and tweak as necessary. With your final sign off we’ll agree dates, groups, locations…and then deliver! Throughout the roll out process we’ll continue to monitor feedback, engagement and performance of each attendee and discuss with you any changes required. Once the main programmes are completed we’ll report back in full, and conduct any one-off sessions required to ensure objectives are met.

Yes is the short answer! Let’s expand though… we will travel anywhere in the world to deliver face to face training. Secondly your sales people and leaders could tune in to our live virtual sessions from wherever they are in the world – all they would need is a decent internet connection. Finally, our eLearning courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and of course at any time, according to the needs of those attending.

Why Sales Growth Mindset Training?

Because conventional skills based training doesn’t address the inner psychological barriers that stop your sales people implementing what they learn.

If you’re doing a great job of giving your team the skills and technical training they need and yet most of them are still not implementing it…that’s down to what’s going on in their head!

What they really need is Sales Growth Mindset Development, which…

Taking them from where they currently are to where you want them to be! And increasing your chances of smashing those sales targets!

And at a higher level...

Creates more success in other areas of their lives too so they are happier generally…and happier people generate 37% more sales! * Harvard Business Review