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Your Book Resources

Welcome to your book resources. Here you’ll find those resources that Leigh mentions in her books “Grow Your People, Grow Your Sales” or “iSell:Unlock Your Winning Sales Mindset”.  If you can’t find what you need, or have suggestions for additional resources, email to share your thoughts.

Sales Leadership Journal

To get the most from Grow your People, Grow Your Sales, download the Sales Leadership Journal and record your responses, insights and actions as you progress through the book.

Sales Leadership Mission Examples

Read the chapter The Importance of Having a Sales Leadership Mission from my book Grow your People, Grow Your Sales, then check out these examples of Sales Leadership Missions of sales leaders I’ve worked with. If there’s something here that’s perfect for you, try it on for size for a week or two and tweak it where necessary to make it fully yours.

Team Meta Programme Preferences

Read the meta programmes sections of Grow your People, Grow Your Sales, download this template and log the meta programmes for each of your team.

GROW Coaching Questions

Further to the chapter on coaching in Grow your People, Grow Your Sales, here are some coaching questions for each element of the GROW model. Feel free to add to this list to reflect your coaching style…and to the personality and Meta Programmes of your sales person.

80% Reality Check Framework

Read the 80% Reality Check sections of Grow your People, Grow Your Sales and use this framework to give you a better understanding of the landscape you are navigating with each person in your team. It will uncover what’s ‘real’…and what are the ‘assumptions or stories’ that you’ve created.

Video: How Your Thoughts Impact Your Sales - Leigh Ashton

We all have thoughts. You’re always thinking…and your thoughts WILL impact on the way you feel. Find out how thoughts and feelings could be sabotaging your sales leadership…and the sales your team are able to generate. You’ll also get a very simple solution to remedy this issue!

Negative Belief Buster - Audio

Please read the chapter How Beliefs Impact Wellbeing And Performance in the book Grow your People, Grow Your Sales before using this audio to bust your negative beliefs or those of your sales people.