Sales Leadership Essentials for 2022…
What’s in, what’s out and what's next?

A 60 minute live virtual event for sales leaders

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A 60 minute event for sales leaders

Join Leigh Ashton, Sales Growth Mindset Consultant and best selling author of Grow Your People, Grow Your Sales for this free live virtual event where she will share with you the unfolding sales and leadership trends of 2022.

Thursday 24th March 2022
10.00 am GMT
Zoom (Free to attend, register HERE)

The session will be recorded

Exploring the key sales leadership development topics for 2022

In this free 60 minute session Leigh will be focusing on three key sales leadership challenges:

  • How to keep your team engaged, committed and loyal in today’s unsettled employment market
  • Understanding the mindset challenges your team will face in 2022 and how to keep them strong, resilient and focussed
  • How to take care of yourself as a sales leader so that you can support your team in the best way
You’ll get insights, ideas and strategies on how to navigate the consequences of the last two years so that you can achieve your business and sales objectives. There will be time for Q&A so you can ask specific questions relating to you and your team.
Crystal Ball

Your team...

My role when working with clients is to create a shift in mindset that leads to better thinking, behaviours and results.

This involves a lot of observation and interaction.

Because I’m doing this across industries, countries and roles I notice emerging trends before they become a mainstream conversation.

In the bubble of your sales team and wider business, you may not notice the things that stand out for me as important red flags. When these are caught in the bud they are much easier to rectify.

Left unnoticed and unattended they become a problem that leads to all kinds of consequences.

In this session I will share what I have noticed over the last 2 years and what consequences you may be experiencing as a result.

These consequences will be good and/or bad depending on how you’ve navigated this period of time.

The important thing is to understand how you got here…and what the best course of action will be going forward.

I hope you can join me at the session


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