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"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Your Sales People Could Be Making"

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Sales Training…even those very words can often lead to trepidation amongst sales people who get led into the sales training room only to be fed the same old, same old, same old.

It shouldn’t be like that. Yes – anyone in sales should have a grasp of the tried and tested techniques that we know and use.

But…have you experienced sales training that really gets to the root of why some sales people don’t consistently hit their targets, why they’re not always motivated, why generous incentives don’t seem to inspire them to be proactive?

Whatever your challenges as a Sales Leader…there’s a solution for you. One that doesn’t only produce results for a week or two…one that lasts way beyond the duration of the training programme.

If you want training for your sales team that…

  • Gets deeper…much deeper than everyday sales techniques
  • Digs down to help you and your sales team discover what’s really going on, what’s really behind those missed targets
  • Gives you the psychology behind your sales results
  • Delivers training content that smashes through the restricting factors…

…AND gives you a money back guarantee if you don’t get the agreed results, then call us on 020 7993 2257 or email

Leigh and Jonathan are fantastic, enthusiastic, very experienced, results-driven people. The programme I attended made me look at selling in a different light. I was a sceptic before the training but my style and approach changed, and my figures improved so now I’m definitely a mindset convert!

Brian Gray, British Airways