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armed forces team vs sales team
10th November 2019

Armed Forces Team vs Sales Team There are many leadership guru’s that are ex armed forces. They’re great at so many leadership skills BUT (yes I used the but word) leading a sales team requires some very different skills. Here are my thoughts: Armed Fo …

who in your team needs a lift right now?
3rd November 2019

Who in your team needs a lift right now? Sometimes my post on Linked In gets a bigger reaction than normal. I don’t think I’ve done anything different but it lands in a way that connects with more people. One of my posts did that last week. It was abou …

whats your sales leadership mission
26th October 2019

What’s your Sales Leadership Mission? Every time I work with a group of Sales Leaders and ask what their Sales Leadership Mission is, I get responses like… To be the best Sales Leader that delivers on targets and key business objectives. To ensure my t …

do you need a new recipe?
19th October 2019

Do you need a new recipe? Have you ever tried to make a curry with only one spice, or a fruit cake with only one fruit? How about a paella with only rice? It doesn’t work does it? That’s because you need the blend of ingredients to create the magic del …

How do you leave your sales people feeling?
15th October 2019

How do you leave your sales people feeling? Last week I was speaking at a Sales Leadership Bootcamp. The Sales Leaders had come from all over the globe. Expectations were high. My session was on the topic of incorporating Growth Mindset to achieve cons …

sales leadership
5th October 2019

Good Habits…Bad Habits. What are yours? There are some approaches that come up with every Sales Leader I speak with and have written countless blogs about. They are the most common behaviours that Sales Leaders indulge in to achieve their goals and t …

Getting nervous and what that really means about you!
28th September 2019

Are nerves in sales a strength or a weakness? I had a conversation this week with a Sales Leader who is moving into a new role. She’s intelligent, highly skilled and has the proven ability to transform people to achieve higher levels of performance. Sh …

How good are you with those difficult conversations?
24th September 2019

How good are you with those difficult conversations? From time to time you feel the need to sit down with one of your team to have one of ‘those’ conversations. You know the type. The tough love conversation that may be a little uncomfortable but is ab …

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
17th September 2019

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! When you become a sales leader, you will probably have had considerable experience and success as a sales person. This gives you lots of confidence in leading yourself. In the early days of your sales leadershi …

how focused are you on your 80% guys?
9th September 2019

How focused are you on the 80% guys? Over the many years of working with Sales Teams, I’ve noticed the following ratio at almost every company… Roughly 10% of the team are top performers and are amazing regardless of the quality of leadership they rece …

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