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The wisdom of 2 wheels
9th August 2020

The wisdom of 2 wheels This weekend I had 2 conversations about trust…who knew there was so much wisdom in 2 wheel activities. Let me explain… I love off-road mountain biking and have recently taken it back up after a 14 year break. Prior to my break, …

compliance or growth?
4th August 2020

Compliance or Growth? At times I visit companies and experience an overly gung ho mentality and a strong focus on results and achievement…to the detriment of the human beings involved in delivering the results. Does this kind of leadership work? Yes an …

controlling your emotions!
26th July 2020

Controlling your emotions! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed heightened emotions and an increase in judgemental opinions from the sales teams I’m talking with. This is a pretty standard reaction at times like this. People often become much le …

No time for one to one’s right now?
20th July 2020

No time for one to one’s right now? I’m a huge fan of one to one sessions because they create a space for all kinds of conversations to emerge. Having spoken with a number of clients in the last couple of weeks I know that business changes have resulte …

what is your leadership superpower?
15th July 2020

What is your leadership superpower? We all have a superpower…something we are really good at. Even if you’re new to Sales Leadership you will have it. Something you may not even realise you do simply because it’s deep within you and so natural. It coul …

Is your sales team firing on all cylinders?
5th July 2020

Is your sales team firing on all cylinders? You will be finding that many of your sales team are not firing on all cylinders as they navigate the post lockdown landscape. Welcome to the human race…this is a perfectly normal reaction after such a massiv …

Are you an Equality or Equity Sales Leader?
28th June 2020

Are you an Equality or Equity Sales Leader? Every good Sales Leader strives to be their best for their team…to support them, to develop them, to grow their sales success but have you considered what each person actually needs from you to be their best …

roller coaster of emotions
20th June 2020

A roller coaster of emotions! This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. News of many inspiring and talented people I know being made redundant with no job opportunities to go for…and news of growth in sectors that are recruiting because t …

Sales People are the key workers of our economy!
15th June 2020

Sales People are the key workers of our economy! The economy in the UK has shrunk by a record 20% in April due to the impact of COVID19. This is the largest monthly drop on record! To give you some context in Q4 of 2008 our economy dropped by 2.2% whic …

Your biggest sales leadership challenge so far
6th June 2020

Your biggest sales leadership challenge so far! It looks like things are moving in the direction of an exit from where we have been towards the creation of the new way forward. What does that mean for Sales Leaders? If you haven’t already it’s worth st …

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