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Energy flows where attention goes!
24th January 2021

Energy flows where attention goes! Where do you put your energy and focus with your team? If you only focus on results, you’ll be missing a really important part of the sales success equation…the person bringing in the sales! Think of each person in yo …

Are you actually listening?
19th January 2021

Are you actually listening? Hello…did you hear what I just said? You may never hear these words from your sales people but I wonder how many of them have thought it. How often have you been so deep in your own thoughts, what you need to get through tod …

How I’m starting my 2021
9th January 2021

How I’m starting my 2021 I’ve seen so many posts this January about setting goals, being positive, positive mindset and more. My expertise is sales mindset…I know this stuff. There is something so many of these posts are missing…grounded reality. Ignor …

Reflections of 2020
17th December 2020

Reflections of 2020 What a crazy year this has been…a blend of extremes for me. As we head towards Christmas it’s a good idea to reflect on your year. How has it been for you? I always ask myself a selection of questions around this time so that I ha …

a change of direction!
18th November 2020

A change of direction! Speak to people these days and the same personal stories emerge… winter is here, lockdown is back, not sleeping very well, can’t see friends, can’t see family, Brexit looming, and so on. As I write this, it’s windy, it’s rainy, i …

How you can lift the mindset in your team!
11th November 2020

How you can lift the mindset in your team! Sales skills training gives you common knowledge. Sales Mindset development takes that common knowledge and gives you common practice! The way the people in your team think is vital to their wellbeing as well …

Are you out there enough?
4th November 2020

Are you out there enough? Putting yourself out there takes courage…it’s an uncertain and vulnerable position. As a Sales Leader, it’s essential…especially now with the massive changes that are happening in our landscape. It’s time to get creative and y …

Are you a bottleneck for your sales team?
24th October 2020

Are you a bottleneck for your sales team? I can feel the immediate resistance to that question…or the total confidence that you absolutely are not! It’s an interesting question that gets responses from both ends of the spectrum. Rarely does a sales lea …

Leadership traits for good!
21st October 2020

Leadership Traits for Good! Today I had a conversation with a Sales Leader about Compassionate Leadership, scaling quickly and being in alignment with values that reflect credibility and integrity. These are common topics for me because we focus on sal …

How are you really feeling?
14th October 2020

How are you really feeling? I don’t know about you but this year has been full-on. Other than an odd day here and there I haven’t had a break all year. My heavy workload and the drive to keep things going has forced the momentum. About 3 weeks ago I wa …

“Helped me understand ‘me’ a bit more and also it will benefit me to understand my customers a lot more going forward.”

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