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sales leadership
5th October 2019

Good Habits…Bad Habits. What are yours? There are some approaches that come up with every Sales Leader I speak with and have written countless blogs about. They are the most common behaviours that Sales Leaders indulge in to achieve their goals and t …

Getting nervous and what that really means about you!
28th September 2019

Are nerves in sales a strength or a weakness? I had a conversation this week with a Sales Leader who is moving into a new role. She’s intelligent, highly skilled and has the proven ability to transform people to achieve higher levels of performance. Sh …

How good are you with those difficult conversations?
24th September 2019

How good are you with those difficult conversations? From time to time you feel the need to sit down with one of your team to have one of ‘those’ conversations. You know the type. The tough love conversation that may be a little uncomfortable but is ab …

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
17th September 2019

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! When you become a sales leader, you will probably have had considerable experience and success as a sales person. This gives you lots of confidence in leading yourself. In the early days of your sales leadershi …

how focused are you on your 80% guys?
9th September 2019

How focused are you on the 80% guys? Over the many years of working with Sales Teams, I’ve noticed the following ratio at almost every company… Roughly 10% of the team are top performers and are amazing regardless of the quality of leadership they rece …

Why your sales team are your high priority clients
2nd September 2019

Why your sales team are your high priority clients When I work with Sales Leaders, I always share that it’s important to treat your sales team the same way you treat your clients. One size doesn’t fit all…if you have 20 sales people in your team you wi …

Are you exercising the right leadership muscles?
23rd August 2019

Are you exercising the right leadership muscles? This week I went back to the gym after a break of over 2 weeks. You’ve probably guessed that after my weight training session on Monday my muscles were a bit sore. I groaned every time I stood up from my …

Are you really coaching?
19th August 2019

Are you really coaching? Well are you? If I’m totally honest I think the standard of sales coaching by Sales Leaders is generally quite poor. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing Sales Leaders out there using coaching to develop their teams and …

Is your language affecting your leadership success?
12th August 2019

Is your language affecting your leadership success? The language you use with others and to yourself has a massive impact on your results. If you keep saying things are challenging…guess what, it will be challenging! You’re instructing your mind to exp …

5th August 2019

What sales leadership activities are you avoiding? When I work with Sales Leaders the conversation ultimately turns to what they don’t get around to doing with their sales team. Most of the activities are really important and the Sales Leader knows tha …

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