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the difficult conversations that create a great sales team
2nd September 2018

The difficult conversations that create a great sales team! Are you having the difficult conversations required that create and maintain a great sales team? It’s easy to be a great sales leader when things are going well. It’s much harder to turn a sal …

Sales Leadership Development
18th August 2018

Make time for your own Sales Leadership development! Unless you make time for your own development, your Sales Leadership skills will at best plateau…at worst decline! If every member of your team is a high performer then carry on doing exactly what yo …

sales leader, sales leadership, sales role model
5th August 2018

Good Role Model or Great Sales Leader? Often Sales Leaders mistake being a good role model for great sales leadership. Being a good role model simply educates your sales team how you do things that work. It gives them strategies to try out for themselv …

Sales Leadership, sales leaders
29th July 2018

Sales Leadership has Evolved! Sales Leadership has evolved to be a very different function since I was promoted to Sales Manager in the 80’s. Back then you could simply focus on the numbers and tell your team what you expected of them. You gave them tr …

Your body accurately indicates what you are really feeling
12th July 2018

Your body accurately indicates what you are really feeling! Your ability to notice what you are really feeling…and what your sales people are really feeling has a massive impact on how you perform as a team. That’s because your inner thoughts and feeli …

4th July 2018

When you observe any successful Sales Leader, you’ll notice that there’s no one personality that stands out as the ‘success type’…they come in all forms. Which is great news and means you don’t have to conform to a specific personality to be a successf …

Sales Mindset
19th June 2018

One of the biggest barriers I come across in sales is the lack of self-belief. It doesn’t matter how much good stuff the person has achieved on the outside because if they feel negatively about themselves on the inside they will end up sabotaging thems …

31st May 2018

Just because you’ve provided your sales team with skills training, it doesn’t mean they will put it into practice…and that’s down to the TFAR effect.   What is the TFAR effect? Your Thoughts create your Feelings Which create the Actions that you …

14th May 2018

So how do you motivate your sales team? Here’s my motivation checklist…how many of these questions can you answer YES to? Does each member of your sales team know how they fit into the company vision? Do you know the higher purpose and values of each …

9th May 2018

The Valley – the most common sales barrier! The Valley of Reasons and Excuses is probably the most common sales barrier I encounter in sales teams. Not only does it affect the sales person that wanders into it…it’s likely that they will drag other sa …

“Helped me understand ‘me’ a bit more and also it will benefit me to understand my customers a lot more going forward.”

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