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how ready are you and your team
26th April 2020

How ready are you and your team? Right now…you may be feeling like you’re in a tunnel. You may be able to see the light far ahead…or you may only be seeing darkness. When there is a major change in the world or in your life it’s natural to feel like yo …

An easy Sales Mindset Lift for your team
19th April 2020

An easy Sales Mindset Lift for your team! 5 weeks in and you’re probably noticing a dip in energy and positivity in your sales team. So much is out of their control and the reality is well and truly taking hold. You need to prevent them from going too …

could easter plus covid19 equal perfection?
11th April 2020

Could Easter + COVID19 Lockdown = Perfection? As a Christian, Easter is a time for allowing death to occur in order for something new to be birthed. It’s a time of contemplation, identifying our truth and letting go of what no longer serves us. Holding …

How are you responding in the pandemic
6th April 2020

How are you responding in the pandemic? I have observed all kinds of behaviours, reaction and emotions during the pandemic as it spreads across the world. From extraordinarily inappropriate and dumb through to heroic, selfless and kind. Not everyone ha …

How I'm managing during the lockdown
31st March 2020

How I’m managing during the lockdown My office is in a buzzing and vibrant building filled with other businesses. We interact in the corridors, in the kitchen area and while waiting for our barista to make our favourite coffee. Sharing ideas, stories a …

Leading a virtual team in a pandemic!
23rd March 2020

Leading your Sales Team during a pandemic! Many Sales Leaders are well versed in leading a virtual team but what you will not be familiar with is leading a virtual team during a pandemic. You know what…neither am I. So how do you deal with the emotions …

committing or omitting
16th March 2020

Are you committing or omitting? When you reflect on your Sales Leadership style you’ll know instantly the activities you commit to…and the ones you would rather not do…or possibly even avoid all together. If you were to make a list of the leadership ac …

once upon a time...
7th March 2020

Once upon a time… Once upon a time…a long long time ago there was a successful sales person. She loved her role, loved sales and loved her customers. She was so happy and her results showed it. Her boss loved her successful approach and promoted her …

threat or challenge?
3rd March 2020

Threat or Challenge? How do you perceive a difficult situation?  As a threat…or a challenge? How about your sales people…how do each of them perceive a difficult situation? How you and the individuals in your team perceive difficult situations identifi …

The hidden pattern that hinders sales success
24th February 2020

The hidden pattern that hinders sales success! There’s a hidden pattern I come across so often when working with Sales People and Sales Leaders that I would be surprised…even amazed…if it isn’t present when I start working with a new client. What is th …

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