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A Golden Civilisation

Golden Civilisation

A Golden Civilisation

I attended an event this week where George Kinder was speaking about his new book A Golden Civilisation. He was captivating and passionate about creating a beautiful future for our planet and all its inhabitants.

He took us through a process…that really resonated with me and the other people in the room. The audience consisted of sales people, senior management and business owners.

You may or may not be interested in doing your bit to create a better world but as a Sales Leader you may well be interested in the process he used to enlighten us to the power we have to create change.

I’m sharing his simple 4 step process with you today in the context of creating your best ever sales team.

What will your team be like?

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine… you have your Golden Sales Team. You are all in a room together. What are the positive qualities and characteristics present in the room…things like proud, confident, collaborative Write them all down. Take all the time you need to get every last thing that would make this your best sales team ever.

What could get in the way?

List all the obstacles to achieving your best ever sales team. Inner barriers within you and each of your sales people…like lack of confidence, self-doubt and apathy. Also, external barriers…like time pressures, abuses of power and geography. Take all the time you need to get all the obstacles written down.

What actions are required to create your best ever Sales Team?

Now list all the actions that would have to happen to make your best ever sales team a reality. Things like education, a conducive environment and greater flexibility.

What will you commit to doing?

Finally, list all the things you are able to commit to doing right now as a sales leader to make this happen. Decide which one will have the biggest positive impact and do that one first. Get others involved too to increase your reach and success.

We all committed to a specific action at the event and mine was to share The Golden Civilisation process with my clients and network and this blog is the first step.

I hope his process helps you to create your best ever sales team…and that you’re interested in exploring how to contribute to his vision for a better world.

You can find more about George, his amazing successes and his grand plan for the future here.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“Helped me understand ‘me’ a bit more and also it will benefit me to understand my customers a lot more going forward.”

IB, Motorpoint