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A roller coaster of emotions!

roller coaster of emotions

A roller coaster of emotions!

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. News of many inspiring and talented people I know being made redundant with no job opportunities to go for…and news of growth in sectors that are recruiting because they are so busy.

News of serious business challenges that are negatively impacting business security…and news of innovative ways to engage with customers.

News of people still furloughed and itching to get back to work…and news of total overwhelm in the workplace.

Wherever you are in your sector, your business, your team, one thing is for sure…we all need state management right now.

What do I mean by state management?

The ability to recognise what’s going on for us on the inside, acknowledge it, feel it, allow it to move through us so that something more positive and resourceful can come in.

A common response is to suppress negative inner emotions like fear, anxiety or similar so that you feel OK in this moment but that is like locking your feelings in a room never to go back there. In time you forget the room is there. Eventually you end up living in one room of a massive mansion with rooms you never go into. At some point those emotions start to bubble up, to become noisy. The bubbling and noise increase to a level that you can’t ignore. You have no choice but to go back to the room and open the door. Your initial emotion has grown over time and takes a lot more effort to resolve. You can most definitely resolve it if you have the desire to do so…and maybe some additional support or resources to get you there.

The reality is that at some stage you have to acknowledge it, feel it, allow it to move through you so that something more positive and resourceful can come in.

You may as well do it when it comes up…before it grows into something bigger and more dangerous.

What can you do?

When I initially heard about the challenges experienced by people in my circle, I felt sad. I felt a strong desire to help them. Then as more people shared news of redundancies, pay cuts and more I felt heartbroken and grief. That’s the starting point…noticing the negative emotions are growing within you. If you are in this place…or any of your team are in this place, then here is a simple process you can follow.

Acknowledge your feelings

Admit to yourself how you are feeling. Total honesty…no denial. You can write it down or verbalise internally to yourself. If you need to talk it through with somebody choose wisely. You need someone to simply listen…not fix it…not sympathise…just listen.

Fully own the way you feel with no judgement.

Feel it

Give yourself permission to feel it…really feel it. Especially when you are on your own. Go for a walk and ponder. Meditate on how you are feeling. Write it down. Do whatever you can to really experience the feeling.

Allow it to move through you

Giving yourself permission to feel your emotion gives it the space to morph, to change shape and density. It goes through a cycle and starts to lose its grip and power over you. You start to feel more space in your body and mind and then…

You start to feel better and more resourceful. You have the space to create ideas to get you through it…and maybe even to look at this as an opportunity leading to something bigger and better.

This process can take just a few minutes or it can take a few days. Sometimes it takes even longer than that. You simply have to do your best while dealing with this stuff…knowing that at some point you will come out of the other side.

The simple act of taking yourself or one of your team through this process relieves the negative impact.

The best version of you

You can’t be the best version of yourself if you are suppressing inner negative emotions. Neither can your sales team. It takes a huge amount of energy to be OK when you’re suppressing negative emotions. You feel more tired. You don’t make your best decisions. Your leadership suffers.

It takes self-awareness and courage to move through challenging times and that’s where we are right now.

A new landscape to explore, new approaches to be created, new opportunities to uncover.

Yep…self-awareness and courage need to be top of your list!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


PS If you want to talk about giving your team the self-awareness and courage they need to be the best version of themselves then please do get in touch!


Thanks to Matt Bowden for the photo 😊

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