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Are you exercising the right leadership muscles?

Are you exercising the right leadership muscles?

Are you exercising the right leadership muscles?

This week I went back to the gym after a break of over 2 weeks. You’ve probably guessed that after my weight training session on Monday my muscles were a bit sore. I groaned every time I stood up from my desk or used the stairs…and laughed to myself because I looked like I couldn’t walk properly 😊

I was back in the gym for another weight training session on Wednesday and whilst I was still a bit sore my session actually improved the muscle ache. If you’re a regular gym goer you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I know that the more I workout the better I’ll feel both physically and mentally…and because I go regularly the quicker I get back to my best.

This got me thinking…when you don’t use muscles, they become less capable of lifting heavy weights. This is true not only for physical muscles but for mental muscles too.

What mental muscles are you not using?

What leadership activities do you least enjoy, not do too often or possibly avoid all together? It could be coaching because it’s quicker and easier to tell someone what to do, not having that difficult conversation because you don’t want to deal with the emotional response, ignoring the need for an impromptu chat when you notice one of your team seems a bit down because you have a busy schedule…the list goes on.

Every time you decide NOT to do something, that muscle of yours loses an opportunity to workout and increase its strength and capacity.

The first few times takes a lot more energy, determination and time but the more often you give that muscle a workout, the less energy and time it takes. Your leadership skills expand and deepen to have a more positive impact with your sales team.

What mental muscles do you need to let go of?

Any of your attitudes or behaviours that have a negative impact on your team need to go…bad moods, blaming others out loud, giving negative feedback in public…this list goes on too! Let that muscle of yours relax into the background and wither away.

Not only will your team be happier…so will you!

Keep working those muscles!

Today I’m going to the gym for my third weight training session this week and whilst I still have a little muscle ache, I know that I’ll feel amazing afterwards and next week will be so much easier.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“I’ve already improved my sales ability and feel more positive about work and life.”

SM, Motorpoint