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Are you treating your sales people like athletes?

Are you treating your sales people like athletes?

Are you treating your sales people like athletes?

We have greater access to personal development information than ever before…how to do practically anything you want, easier, quicker and more effectively.

Why is it then that so many companies are not achieving sales targets…or have a significant number of sales people under performing?

Even companies that have in house trainers, their own eLearning platforms or have had external trainers in to deliver programmes on qualifying, listening, rapport, negotiation, presenting and a multitude of other sales skills required for success, are not seeing it actioned by significant numbers in their sales teams.


Why is this?

It doesn’t matter what sales skills training you lay on for your sales people…if they haven’t got the self belief and confidence to step out of their comfort zone to try new things, it’s not going to happen. It’s all about mindset…yours and theirs!

The way they think is the biggest contributor to the level of sales success they can achieve…and the way you think will either support growth or be a barrier to creating the environment that allows your sales team to flourish and grow!


What can you do to improve mindset?

Focus on the inner state of your team…what are they thinking, how are they feeling, what do their behaviours tell you. Make time in your conversations and sales meetings to focus on them as people and improving their mindset…and not just focusing on the numbers.

There are so many mindset and motivation videos on YouTube…also some really inspiring TED Talks. How much focus do you put on personal development in your sales meetings?


Your Sales People are the athletes of your business

The advances and successes of mindset training in sport is well documented and sales is no different. When you are dependant on people to achieve specific results you have to treat them like athletes…investing in their wellbeing…skills and mindset.

If you don’t know how to develop the mindset and wellbeing of your sales people you need to get help from an expert. Just because you’re a sales leader doesn’t make you an expert in developing a winning mindset!

Being a sales leader is so much more than focusing on the numbers. Treating your sales people like athletes brings great rewards for them and for you!

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