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Getting your sales people to the next level!

getting your sales people to the next level

Getting your sales people to the next level!

I often meet experienced Sales Leaders that have really high standards for themselves. They strive to be the very best version of themselves and do what it takes to achieve business objectives. This, of course, is to be applauded 😊

A trait that often comes with that is the expectation that all their team should be at the same level…an unrealistic expectation in my humble opinion. This trait leads to leadership frustration, feelings that sales people are either lazy or don’t try hard enough…and a whole range of negative emotions about certain sales people on their team!

So how do you inspire your sales people to reach beyond where they currently are?

Stop comparing THEIR Chapter 5 to YOUR Chapter 55!

Think about your sales career journey and how you have evolved. When you look back you will notice the milestones that have got you to where you are now…the ones that enabled you to grow your skills, mindset and expertise. Some steps simply cannot happen until the previous steps have been achieved…a baby can’t run before it can walk.

Rather than trying to get your sales people to the same high standard that you set yourself…simply help them get to the next level beyond where they are. Then the next…then the next…and keep supporting them through each level so that they can write their own chapters in their own way.

The most important ingredient is…

…compassion! Yes, of course, you’ll need your coaching skills and a lot of other skills too but without compassion, you can’t empathise with where they are on their journey.

It helps to reflect on the things you found challenging in the early days of your career that you now do with ease. They may be different skills, but we all struggled with something.

It also helps to remember the teachers and managers that you have had that supported you with compassion and kindness. That doesn’t mean that they were soft and let you get away with stuff. On the contrary…they are the ones that also gave you tough love so that you grew with grounded enthusiasm and confidence.

In his book Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek writes…

“Every single employee is someone’s son or daughter. Like a parent, a leader is responsible for their precious lives.”

He also said…

“Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge”

So be kind, show compassion and strive to support everyone in your team to their next level. It’s remarkably fulfilling.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

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