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How are you responding in the pandemic?

How are you responding in the pandemic

How are you responding in the pandemic?

I have observed all kinds of behaviours, reaction and emotions during the pandemic as it spreads across the world. From extraordinarily inappropriate and dumb through to heroic, selfless and kind.

Not everyone has the skills to be heroic, selfless and kind all the time but we can make an effort to be more of those things more of the time.

Today…before I sat down to write my blog, I scrolled through Linked In and found something that is totally aligned with my blog topic thanks to my friend Catherine Schalk…thank you for your very timely post 😊

This is a great visual to highlight that you can’t control what is happening in the world right now…but you can control how you respond to it.

How are you responding right now?

If you could rewind the movie of you doing your thing over the past few weeks and watched yourself with a totally open and honest heart…how would you evaluate your actions, thoughts and words?

What zone would you have been in? It’s likely that you will have been in different zones depending on the context or situation.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions…

Where are you not showing up?

Where are you being totally amazing?

What areas do you want to improve?

Your responses will say a lot about where you are on this chart most of the time. This isn’t about judging yourself, it’s about increasing your awareness of your responses.

What the world needs now is more Growth Zone thinking…

In addition to the points listed I have some additional pointers to add:

Be grateful for everything positive in your life right now

Share positive news when you find it

Steer clear of antagonistic media

Be kind to yourself and those around you

If you feel like you’re walking in a dark tunnel right now, keep looking ahead because sooner or later you will see the light at the end of it.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


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