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How do you leave your sales people feeling?

How do you leave your sales people feeling?

How do you leave your sales people feeling?

Last week I was speaking at a Sales Leadership Bootcamp. The Sales Leaders had come from all over the globe. Expectations were high.

My session was on the topic of incorporating Growth Mindset to achieve consistent double digit sales growth. For Sales Leaders in the know, growth mindset is an essential element for sales success. Sadly, not all Sales Leaders have come to this realisation.

This blog isn’t about Growth Mindset…you can find lots more on this in some of my other blogs. It’s about how you leave every person in your team feeling.

Are you lifting them up or squashing their spirit?

Whenever I facilitate a Sales Meeting or speak at an event, I ask my client what outcome they want. Once I know what I need to get across, I ask them how they want their sales team to feel at the end. It’s at this point I can start to create the session. Only when you know both can you craft something that leaves your team inspired to go out there and be amazing!

So often I sit in on Sales Meetings that are full of numbers and quite dull. If the overall figures are great it’s easy to leave the team positive. If the numbers are not where you’d like them to be it’s easy to squash everyone’s mood…including those that are doing well. Everyone gets put into the ‘this isn’t good enough’ bucket. It takes your team anything from 20 minutes to several hours or days to get their head back in the right place to perform.

So how could you do it better?

  1. What’s the key message you want to get across?
  2. How do you want to leave them feeling?
  3. Assess your words…do they deliver on both the above?
  4. If they don’t…don’t say them and find other words or perspectives
  5. It’s absolutely fine to challenge your team…in fact it’s necessary to create growth
  6. Don’t disagree with anything they say…that simply creates resistance
  7. Simply point out some alternative perspectives and let them choose a better one
  8. Incorporate kindness in all your interactions

If you’re doing even one of these then celebrate…they are often all missing in many old school Sales Leaders!

If there’s one that you haven’t thought about or don’t include then give it a go.

The first 4 are the most crucial.

Here’s to a future where all sales meetings leave every member of your team feeling inspired and motivated to go beyond their comfort zone to achieve greater results.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“I have techniques to challenge negative beliefs and am fired up to make a change!”