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How often do you reset yourself?

how often do you reset yourself

How often do you reset yourself?

Resetting yourself is an important aspect of Sales Leadership if you are to perform at your very best.

Your nervous system will only take so much pressure, stress, challenge, trauma and any other demands you have to deal with on a daily basis.

If you don’t give yourself the time to reset, your nervous system will eventually stop you doing things effectively…or at worst anything at all!

So how do you reset?

There are a number of things you can do to reset your nervous system. Here are some of my favourites:


When your nervous system is shot to pieces the best way to get back to functioning effectively is sleep. Organise some early nights or a complete day of rest. If you go down the route of a rest day…sleep in and nap during the day. Be sure to eliminate all electronics, TV or anything that stimulates your mind. Eliminate any blue light…or drastically reduce. Reading something gentle is OK. Gentle music is also OK.

If you’re very active and always ‘doing’ then this may be a challenge, which is also a sign that you need to rest.

Meditation or embodiment practices

There is much research that shows the restorative power of meditation and embodiment practices like yoga, martial arts, tai chi or similar.

If you’ve not meditated before there are many apps that provide either guided meditations or timers to get you started.

Even a couple of minutes morning and evening will make a difference. You can also take a couple of minutes through the day when the pressure is on, to give yourself a mini reset.


Being in nature is very restorative for your nervous system so a walk in the country or gardening will help get you grounded. Animals are also great…cuddling, stroking or walking them gets you back into your body and out of your head.

Restorative music

There are some great playlists specifically focusing on increasing creativity and focus that work by calming your nervous system so that your genius can flow. You can also find healing playlists that you can play at the end of your day to restore you.


You have to be really careful here…there’s a difference between restorative exercise like yoga or stretching…and super challenging go for bust type exercise that gives you an adrenaline rush. Be sure to go for restorative when you’re resetting. Challenging exercise just adds to the pressure on your nervous system. You may feel exhilarated afterwards but that’s because feel good chemicals are flowing through your body. Once they subside you’ll return to your exhausted self.

The more you recharge your nervous system the stronger you will be to face the challenges of your role.

Daily actions work much better than a big rest every so often though the most important thing is that it’s easy to do so choose whatever is the best fit for you.

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