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Is your sales team firing on all cylinders?

Is your sales team firing on all cylinders?

Is your sales team firing on all cylinders?

You will be finding that many of your sales team are not firing on all cylinders as they navigate the post lockdown landscape. Welcome to the human race…this is a perfectly normal reaction after such a massive disruption. This event has impacted not only their work life but all aspects of their life and it will therefore take time and your full support to get their mindset in the best possible place to navigate your customers’ new map of the world.

If you’re feeling like you’re in the same boat that would be normal too! The issue is that your role is to boost your team…their mindset as well as their performance.

It all starts with you!

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same result…bet you’ve heard that a million times. It’s true.

If you can’t get yourself out of a slump, how do you expect your sales people to do it? Your energy (or lack of it) will be impacting them in a negative way…it’s contagious!

If you’re in a great place and can’t understand why some of your team are struggling…it still starts with you because whatever you’re doing isn’t working with those guys. You need to do something different!

Where do you start?

If you’ve never had sales mindset leadership training, then get that organised as soon as possible. You’ll be needing these skills more than ever right now.

In the meantime, consume as much as you can on the topics of sales mindset, growth mindset, motivation and people centric leadership. You can’t have a top performing sales team based on skills alone. You only have to look at sport to realise that all the top athletes have mindset coaches. Treat yourself and each of your team like athletes…you know the skills required, now you just need the mindset to pull them off better than your competitors do.

It’s impossible to do this without a deep understanding of the human mind…where to nudge, what to say, where to lead. You have to know where to tap…and whether is should be a gentle tap or one that requires all your weight!

Free resources…

If you go down the route of mindset training, you will be better armed for what is ahead of us in the next year or so.

In the meantime, check out these free resources…they will give you insights to sales mindset leadership and understanding the interior landscape of each of your team.

7 Growth Mindset Leadership Traits

My Fave Books

How thoughts impact results

Closing thought

It’s wise to keep in mind that the people in your team are individuals. They will all need a unique approach from you in order to keep developing.

I always say…

“Never compare yourself to others…only to the you of yesterday”

If you are constantly moving towards being a better version of yourself then you are going in the right direction. Ask yourself at the end of each day “What will I do differently tomorrow based on the events of today?” and you will be constantly evolving and showing up as the best version of yourself.

Then you create the space for each member of your team to show up as the best version of themselves.

What an excellent legacy that would be!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


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