An evening at the 2022 Business Book Awards

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An evening at the 2022 Business Book Awards

On Monday evening I attended The Business Book Awards in central London…I was honoured to have been chosen as a finalist in the Sales and Marketing category for my latest book Grow Your People, Grow Your Sales.

So, as I do love a party, I didn’t need much encouragement to get out my party frock…and who knows, having got to the final, by now I had a one in eight chance of being a winner! (more about that later)

What a delightful and inspiring evening it was.

Delightful because it was great to be at one of those wonderful live events we’ve all missed whilst we were navigating our way through COVID.

You know those events…where industry colleagues, friends, mentors meet up, and, in this case, celebrate the world of business books. We got to celebrate all the finalists in each category, and ultimately crown the overall winner.

What’s not to like? 😊

Something for everyone

What struck me as I perused the display of finalists’ books on display was just how important self-improvement is for us in our career, business, life prospects, opportunities and possibilities.

As I gazed in awe at the books I reminded myself of the hundreds of entries in this year’s competition…and the motivation, dedication and inspiration required by each and every author to sit down, plan, write, edit and launch their individual offering.

I was inspired when I realised that every book I could see was written with the intention to help others improve their lives by becoming better and more successful than before. Wow.

What book could help you grow your sales?

What do you read?

No matter what books attract you, or what you feel you could be reading to help you ‘get on’ in your role and life, I reckon that amongst those finalists on Monday night, there must be a book or two that would significantly help you.

For example, here’s a flavour of the business topics addressed across the finalists…

Starting/scaling up a business

Becoming a better sales person

Becoming a better leader

Improving your marketing skills

How to be a better manager

Managing change in your business

How to become a more sustainable business

Developing a better working culture

Improving internal processes in your business

How to achieve a better work/life balance

Establishing better working processes

Maintain your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those that work with you

Embracing the modern tech world

Do any of these topics resonate with you?

Choose your book…and start

I’m certain that out there somewhere is a gem of a book that would help you in whatever you’re trying to achieve. All you have to do is choose which one is for you.

For what it’s worth, here are my favourite ‘development’ books so far this year…

Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown         

Livewired by David Eagleman

Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

So…do get reading 😊

How did I do?

Well, after much lovely food and great company it was time for the award presentations…and having made it into the final shortlist…


I won the ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Sales and Marketing Category for Grow Your People, Grow Your Sales. As you can imagine I’m extremely delighted with that. If you’re a sales leader this book could indeed be the ideal next read for you. As a taster you can download the first two chapters here.

I’m already planning my next book, so who knows what’s going to happen at the next awards 😉

Until next time

Leigh  😊

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