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Good Role Model or Great Sales Leader?

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Good Role Model or Great Sales Leader?

Often Sales Leaders mistake being a good role model for great sales leadership. Being a good role model simply educates your sales team how you do things that work. It gives them strategies to try out for themselves. It’s an important part of your role…especially for new recruits. You already know that all sales people have their own personality traits and require different approaches to develop, inspire and motivate them to perform well.

Therefore, what works for you may not work for them. Being a great role model is only a very small part of creating a high performing sales team.

Sales Leadership: How do you lift them beyond where they can lift themselves?

Firstly, you have to believe they can get to those heights

Any inner thoughts that they are unlikely to make it will change the way you relate to them, speak to them and ultimately support them.

If they are in the wrong job, then do something about it. If they are in the right job and need a helping hand, then get your thinking straight. It’s much more efficient and effective to turn an existing sales person around than it is to dismiss, recruit, train and develop a replacement.

Secondly, you need to know about them as a person

Their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Only then can you start connecting positive sales behaviour to what’s really important to them. Most sales people want sales success because it gives them something they want outside of work. If you don’t know what it is you won’t be able to make the connection to increase their inspiration and motivation to do more.

Thirdly, acknowledge that you shine brighter when your team shine

Being the best sales person in your team means you need to develop your leadership skills…and move your ego out of the way.

It also means that you’re spinning all the plates keeping everything going and sooner or later either you or the plates are going to hit the floor.

Do everything you can to lift each individual in your team and the rewards go way beyond being the best in the pack!

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