Why consistency must underpin your sales leadership identity

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Why consistency must underpin your sales leadership identity

Which Sales Leader will you show up as today?

It may seem like an odd question because you probably think you are the same every day. Yet…that’s really unlikely. Of course there are constants of yourself that you bring to your work each day…but there are differences too.

For example, how are you when something is playing on your mind? How about after a disagreement with a significant person in your life? How about when you’re not feeling too well?

Or maybe one of your team just lost a big deal that you thought was practically over the line and now you won’t make target/quota…there’s no shortage of potential triggers to test your resilience.

All experiences impact sales leaders

For some sales leaders these experiences can adversely affect how they feel inside…and that impacts how they behave and interact on the outside. It’s easy to let it show, more challenging to take it in your stride and maintain a positive public persona…your sales leadership identity.

Be clear…every time you allow any negative situations to impact on your leadership you create an energy that can negatively impact your team.

It’s a bit like a relay race. You’re passing the baton and they take it and run…passing it to the people that cross their path too. When you pass the baton you may feel relieved for a bit because it’s off your plate but it’s still there lingering in the background ready to pop up at some point soon.

Another risk in passing the baton is that you are spreading the negativity…a bit like ripples in a pond after throwing in a pebble. Think of the pebble as your thought…the pebble doesn’t care if your thought is positive or negative, it simply spreads that energy regardless because that’s what pebble do. The damage to your team’s morale, confidence and their sales results could be a casualty of your negative baton!

Developing a consistent sales leadership identity

It’s important to manage your disappointment. Manage your irritations. Manage your annoyance. Manage your frustrations. Manage any negative emotions and reaction you have to something…or don’t be surprised when your sales people show theirs. You’ve taught them how to do it!

Start to review your own reactions, your own interactions…and be mindful of passing any negative batons.

Remember, you have to lead yourself before you can successfully lead others!

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

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