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Sales Leadership Mastery

Sales Leadership Mastery

Sales Leadership Mastery

There are always challenges when you move up to a more senior sales role…be it first time Sales Leader or more senior Sales Leader.

The first challenge…

You’re not good enough!

You’ve been chosen for your potential but you haven’t had the experience of this role…yet. Yet is such a great word 😊

There’s no point in going in with a ‘know it all’ attitude because basically, you don’t. It’s deluded and counterproductive. You actually want your peers to share their feedback on how you are doing…both positive and negative.

Without the negative feedback of others, you slow down your own learning journey. You can’t always see where you are failing in a new role. Graciously receive all feedback and take from it what you know deep down to be true…or possibly true. You don’t have to agree with all feedback…simply be grateful then ponder on its validity.

The second challenge…

As you start to improve your leadership skills you may start to believe that you are the finished article. You no longer think that you need any feedback…you are doing just fine as you are.

That’s a mistake.

All of us need constant feedback to grow and evolve. What worked last month may not work this month…and vice versa.

Wisdom comes from action and experience.

None of us is the finished article…ever!

That doesn’t mean you should take notice of all feedback. You now have more experience and wisdom to know what’s important to take notice of and what’s not. Some feedback is what I refer to as ‘back seat driver’ feedback. Know the difference!

Assess your journey so far and recognise how you have improved and what still needs some attention.

The third challenge…

This is where you start to develop your own self-awareness that you are not as good as you thought you were despite your depth of experience and wisdom. It’s like coming full circle.

You know that you are a good leader but you want to be a great leader. You know that you don’t know everything. You know that you’re not great at everything. You know there is more to know.

At this stage you are likely to drift away from leadership and sales books, podcasts and other forms of knowledge…and move towards human behaviour, neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology and spirituality.

You want to understand the people in your team more deeply…their humanness. You want to support their growth in a way that is right for each of them so they can thrive and shine brightly.

Now you’re talking about leadership mastery…and that is such a beautiful thing!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


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