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The 5 keys to being a great Sales Leader

When you observe any successful Sales Leader, you’ll notice that there’s no one personality that stands out as the ‘success type’…they come in all forms. Which is great news and means you don’t have to conform to a specific personality to be a successful Sales Leader.

What is common to every successful Sales Leader is that they are all excellent at the following 5 traits:

  1. Being totally clear on what they want to achieve
  2. Taking action to achieve their desired goal…even when they aren’t 100% sure what the right action is
  3. Noticing what works and what doesn’t in the achievement of their goal
  4. Changing what doesn’t work and testing new options
  5. Being in rapport with themselves and everyone in their team in bringing the goal to fruition

Let’s explore how you can use this to be an even better Sales Leader!


Be clear about what you want your team to achieve

Yes of course you want to achieve the team targets and any KPI’s that lead to success but how do you want to get there? Are you going to whip your team like slaves to the point of exhaustion? Do you plan to shout at them till they surrender and do things exactly as you want them done?

Hopefully you want a happy and motivated team full of self-belief and confidence to do what it takes to achieve all their KPI’s and sales targets.

Whatever it is you want…get totally clear!


Take action

What do you need to do to create the sales team of your high achievers?

Coaching, supporting, developing, mentoring, the list is skills you need is endless. You must be whatever each person needs.

Stop telling and start asking them how they think they can achieve their goals. Give more feedback…positive and developmental. Letting them scuff their knees at times is often the best way for them to learn.

If you haven’t got the skills you need to do these things…get them!


Constantly assess how you are doing as a Sales Leader

This one is simple.

Is what you are doing with each person working or not? If it is, keep doing it…and if it isn’t STOP!


If what you are doing isn’t working…do something else

Just because it works with some of your team doesn’t mean it will work with all your team.

Change what doesn’t work and keep tweaking until you start to see improvement.


Rapport, Rapport, Rapport

You must have strong connections with every individual in your team. You must care about them. You must totally believe in their ability to succeed.

You also need rapport with your team to inspire them to greater heights.

…and how about you? Are you in rapport with yourself? If you’re at odds with what you really want, then it becomes tricky to lead your team with 100% integrity.

The success of your sales team starts with you!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


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