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The hidden pattern that hinders sales success!

The hidden pattern that hinders sales success

The hidden pattern that hinders sales success!

There’s a hidden pattern I come across so often when working with Sales People and Sales Leaders that I would be surprised…even amazed…if it isn’t present when I start working with a new client.

What is the hidden pattern I hear you ask? It’s the reluctance to own who or where you are!

Let me explain…it’s when a person wants to hide a trait or emotion in order to present themselves as a super confident, capable, efficient and effective Sales Person or Sales Leader. This is driven by our ego and is a way of protecting ourselves from a painful experience.

Not accepting who you or where you are is smoke and mirrors, cloak and dagger. It’s a dark place where you hide what’s really going on from the rest of the world BUT on the inside, you know the truth and it doesn’t feel good.

Unlike faking it till you become it where you totally accept who you are and where you are…and you consciously take steps to move you in the direction you want to go. It feels exciting and evolutionary…it feels good.

Growth or denial?

In order to grow YOU MUST ACCEPT who you are and the activities you find challenging. If you deny these factors it’s impossible to ask for help, to get support or even have a conversation about it.

The sad thing is that others can often see the truth you are trying to hide because you give off unconscious signals…especially when you are uncomfortable.

Acceptance leads to a greater understanding of your starting point. YOUR STARTING POINT is your place to start. You can’t start from anywhere else. Point A is always going to be Point A. The only choice you get to make is where Point B is. Remember too that this is a constantly evolving destination which you can adjust with every bit of information you uncover along the way.

Your starting point is not something you compare with others. Focus on you and where your starting point is…then you can identify the gaps and next steps.

Remember too that your starting point is context dependent and may well be different based on the situation you are in.

Self-acceptance is ultimately the greatest form of self-love and an incredibly powerful catalyst for self-confidence, self-belief and your greater success!

So here’s the framework:

Accept where you are in each situation
Own what you can do…and what you can’t
Own your Point A and establish Point B
Share this with the people that need to know
Get support from the people that can help you grow and achieve Point B

Finally…feel happy with yourself for accepting who you are and taking responsibility for your own growth…and ultimate success!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“Helped me understand ‘me’ a bit more and also it will benefit me to understand my customers a lot more going forward.”

IB, Motorpoint