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What is that inner feeling?

what is that inner feeling?

What is that inner feeling?

We all have inner feelings all of the time…both positive and negative. We don’t always feel them because we spend so much time in our heads thinking about stuff or doing the gazillion things on our lists, calendars, planners or whatever else you use to control your world.

Every once in a while you get a feeling that you can’t ignore. It’s strong, it’s powerful yet ambiguous and gentle so you can’t make out what it is or what it means. It troubles you but you can’t understand it or put it in a box…and you definitely don’t know what to do about it.

This week I have that feeling.

I noticed this feeling once before around 5 years ago. That doesn’t mean it was the first time it happened just that it was the first time I noticed it. I didn’t know what it was but gave it the time and space to unfold in its own time and in its own way. I allowed it to be there with no interrogation or action to fix it.

What is the feeling?

I can only share my experience but there may be similarities to what you experience when it happens for you. I must stress that this is happening for you…it’s simply a question of whether you notice it or not. If you’re too busy you may not be able to feel it at all. It arrives slowly in the quiet and silence.

So here is how it happens for me. It starts as a minor feeling of unrest like something isn’t quite right but I can’t put my finger on what it is. I start to feel more tired than usual despite getting the sleep I need. My meditation becomes a bit more challenging because my mind is in overdrive trying to figure it out. I feel more uncertain than excited, more vulnerable than courageous. I throw myself into anything that takes my mind off it like work, exercise, cooking, cleaning, consuming positive stuff from books, videos and podcasts. All positive activities that create the illusion that I’ll be uplifted very soon and the feeling will disappear. I also rationalise why I might be feeling like this…there are plenty of COVID19 reasons I can easily come up with right now.

Then it hits me…Oh man…it’s that feeling again!

What does it mean?

When I had this feeling 5 years ago I was at a crossroads but didn’t know it. My passion and expertise is in delivering Sales Mindset development programmes to sales teams and sales leaders. It’s my life’s work and I love it. I definitely wasn’t thinking of doing anything else.

Then it happened…that feeling…BAM. It bypassed my mind and came up through my body…probably because my mind was too noisy to notice. I had an amazing mentor at the time that helped me unpack what this feeling in my body meant for me…as a result I launched an eLearning platform for my flagship training the Sales Mindset Accelerator Programme. This has meant I’ve been able to help even more sales professionals worldwide.

I’m very grateful for that decision right now as all my live training events have been either postponed or I’ve delivered them virtually via zoom in smaller digestible time chunks.

I don’t know what this current feeling will uncover quite yet but I do know it precedes a big leap of growth or diversification.

Notice it in yourself

You may or may not be feeling similar things right now. If you are…that feeling coming from deep inside you has a message that you need to hear.

You can’t hurry it, push it or bully it into spilling the beans. The answer is in the stillness whilst you metaphorically walk slowly through the darkness. At some point you will get a spark of an idea, a direction, an insight…a gift that changes the next phase of your life journey.

My gift hasn’t landed yet…I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


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