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What is the TFAR effect and why you need to know about it?

Just because you’ve provided your sales team with skills training…it doesn’t mean they will put it into practice.

Why is that?

It all comes down to TFAR…

Your Thoughts create your Feelings
Your Feelings impact your Actions
Your Actions give you the Results you get!

Skills training focuses on Actions and Results.

No matter how good the training is…it only addresses 2 elements of development. If any of your team have any negative thoughts or feelings about an approach, technique, product or service this will override their ability and they will either do it half-heartedly or avoid it all together.

The scariest bit about all of this is that the sales person doesn’t even realise why they feel these negative feelings towards an action because the trigger thought that causes it is very often unconscious.

Once they learn how to recognise what’s going on and how to change it…the good news is that the TFAR effect works the opposite way too. If you have a positive thought, you’ll have positive feelings, which lead to better actions, which lead to better results.

For sales skills training to be effective you need to add sales mindset to the mix, which focuses on developing positive thoughts and feelings. It really is the only way to create long-term sales success.

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

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