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What Sales Leader are you today?

What Sales Leader are you today?

What Sales Leader have you shown up as today?

It may seem like an odd question because you probably think you are the same every day. The thing is…that’s really unlikely. Yes of course there are constants that you bring to work each day but there are differences too.

How are you when you’ve had a bad journey to the office?

How about an argument with someone?

Or maybe your team lost a big deal…or you’ve just been blasted for missing your projected team target…or the lift isn’t working…or you dropped your mobile…or whatever else could go badly???

All negative experiences can change you in some way

For some the impact can be very noticeable and uncomfortable for others…and for others the impact can be less noticeable depending on your resilience to the specific occurrence.

Every time you allow your negative situations to impact on your leadership you create an energy that can negatively impact your team. It’s a bit like a relay race. You’re passing the baton and they take it and run…passing it to the people that cross their path too. The sad thing is that when you pass the baton it doesn’t necessarily transfer the negative energy completely. It may seem relieved for a bit…or it may still be fully will you. You’re simply multiplying the negativity…and the damage it can do to your team’s morale, confidence and their sales results.

This can be so subtle that you are all totally unaware that you’re doing it.

It’s important to manage your disappointment. Manage your irritations. Manage your annoyance. Manage your frustrations. Manage all your negative emotions and reaction…or don’t be surprised when your sales people show theirs. You’ve taught them how to do it!

Start to review your own reactions, your own interactions…and be mindful of passing any negative batons.

You have to lead yourself before you can successfully lead others!

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

“The good news is that we are already witnessing some behavioural change as a result of your programme.”