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What sales leadership activities are you avoiding?

What sales leadership activities are you avoiding?

When I work with Sales Leaders the conversation ultimately turns to what they don’t get around to doing with their sales team. Most of the activities are really important and the Sales Leader knows that. Is it not enough time? Is it procrastination? Or is it simply avoidance? Mostly it’s avoidance because the activity generates negative feelings…and with negative mindset comes avoidance.

So if you’re avoiding a sales leadership activity that you know will improve your team’s performance, this process will help you feel much more positive about it, embrace it and just do it!


7 Steps to ACTION

Take your time to answer the following questions as fully as you can.

    1: Write down one thing that you are not taking action on

    2: Come up with 10 reasons why you must change this now

    3: What will it cost you if you don’t make this change?

    4: What will you gain from this change?

    5: How do you know you can absolutely make this change?

    6: Create a new association with this change

For example – If you’re not having that difficult conversation with one of your team you may have an association that they might get upset and you don’t want to instigate that…a new association might be that you’re being unkind by not giving them the opportunity to put things right.

    7: What is your first action? Needs to be something you can do immediately.

This process will get you motivated to take ACTION on what you’ve been avoiding or not making time for…and will have a positive impact on your team and their results.

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