Why top-performing sales people struggle with leadership!

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Why top-performing sales people struggle with leadership!

If you were a top-performing sales person before you became a sales leader you may struggle to have empathy with sales people that have mindset issues that get in the way of sales success.

It’s not easy to understand why your sales people don’t do the activities that create sales success when you never had that issue yourself.

I know this because I was one of those successful sales people that got promoted and felt the frustration of failing at the hands of some of my team.

I remember the despair I felt when people wouldn’t do the sales activities that were easy for me…and I knew for certain that these activities would increase their success.

This sent me down a path to find out why this happens which led to where I am today so in reality, I’m truly grateful that I struggled with this issue.

So, let me share with you what I’ve learned over these years that I wished somebody would have shared with me when I first became a sales leader…

Empathy is crucial

You must go to where your sales people are and start there. If you try to drag them kicking and screaming into your world, they will never take on board the learning that’s crucial to developing a winning sales mindset. Lead them through their own journey of self-discovery.

Skills are one thing…mindset is everything

You can teach them all the sales skills, the tricks of the trade, the strategies BUT if they don’t believe they can pull it off THEY WON’T EVEN TRY! Help your sales people to build their confidence by taking small and easy steps every day. The compound effect over time is enormous and it also builds positive mindset habits that impact any new activity they choose to try out.

Don’t save them

No matter how hard they work…if they are not generating results there’s a mindset issue. Saving them simply slows down the process of identifying the issue and working to change it.

Stop Telling

Yes of course you know how to put it right, you were a successful sales person after all BUT telling them what to do stops them developing the mindset to resolve their own issues. They will never be committed to your suggestion in the same way they are committed to achieving their own plan. Human beings need to go through a bit of struggle to strengthen their muscles…both physical and mental. Not so much struggle that they are deflated but too easy and there’s no growth!

Care about their growth

This is different to caring about their output and creates a totally different energy. They are human beings…if you put your effort into developing their mindset in a positive way they will consistently deliver!

In closing, one last thought…never compare your chapter 25 to their chapter 5. I see it so often. Expecting someone in the early stages of their sales career to be a natural at activities that take time to develop is a cruel and unjust judgement.

Taking someone from chapter 5 to chapter 6 is much kinder and so much more rewarding!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

PS If you want to elevate your Sales Leadership skills to incorporate tried and tested approaches to develop the sales growth mindset in your team then do get in touch.

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