Why you might be thinking like an elephant!

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Why you might be thinking like an elephant!

Thinking like an elephant is more common than you realise. Last week I shared my thoughts on your automatic patterns as a Sales Leader. Today I want to share how these patterns are created…and how that relates to thinking like an elephant.

How elephants are trained

Elephants are incredibly strong and intelligent animals and have very few predators. For many generations’ humans have captured elephants for work and entertainment purposes.

They capture baby elephants that are easier to catch and control. Then they tie a thick strong rope around one of their back legs and put a strong stake in the ground. The baby elephant can move around but when they get to the end of their rope capacity, they are unable to go any further. They don’t yet have the strength to pull the stake out of the ground but they keep trying and failing to go beyond the length of the rope.

Eventually they stop trying…they give up.

Over the next few years they become adult elephants and are super strong. They could easily pull the stake out of the ground and escape their prison…and yet they don’t!

That’s because their experience has trained them to believe that it’s not possible, so they never try.

So where are you thinking like an elephant?

The thinking that served you once upon a time could be totally redundant now…or worse, could be getting in the way of you achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Take the time to explore your thinking…what helps and what hinders you.

You may find my previous blog Your Psychological Patterns as a Sales Leader helpful with this.

So give yourself permission to stop thinking like an elephant and embrace a Sales Growth Mindset to move you closer to your goals.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

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