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Your body accurately indicates what you are really feeling!

Your body accurately indicates what you are really feeling

Your body accurately indicates what you are really feeling!

Your ability to notice what you are really feeling…and what your sales people are really feeling has a massive impact on how you perform as a team. That’s because your inner thoughts and feelings create the actions and behaviours that lead to the sales you generate.

Check out my previous blog What is the TFAR effect and why you need to know about it? for more on that.

I’ve just got back from a course in Amsterdam. I go there four times a year and move my body in specific ways to increase my ability to sense my own inner feelings…and the feelings of others.

“Oh yeah?” I hear you ask with a raised eyebrow!!!


Feeling a bit woo-woo?

Well maybe.

How about if I frame it like this…

I’m doing a training in Amsterdam that increases my ability to sense what’s really going on inside of me and what’s really going on for the person/people I’m communicating with because it helps me to be even better at what I do. Add to the mix that these are clients, prospects and my team and it starts to sound pretty strategic.

My ability to sense what people are feeling increases my ability to help them…and to feel what would be the best approach for them. Especially when we are exploring their inner barriers…and the eventual elimination of them so they can increase their sales success.

Or I may be coaching a sales leader on their ability to create a high performing team. I can often feel elements of the issue before they verbalise it for themselves.

How about when I’m talking with a prospective client that I’d really love to work with. Feeling what’s going on, in addition to what they tell me increases my ability to get a fuller picture and convert them to a client.

Your ability to sense feelings in your team before they manifest into a bigger issue is a crucial skill to add to your sales leadership toolkit.

Of course, you need the usual strategic leadership skills. Of course, you need an understanding of sales mindset…these skills are well documented as increasing high performance.


How often do you read about increasing your ability to feel?

We are so in our heads these days and this leads to people only using their heads to address issues and challenges. Overthinking is a common paralyser. Creating stories gives us meaning to the events in our lives…and often these stories are completely off track, creating misery and poor performance.

Your ability to feel comes from a different place in your body…below your neck! It could be your heart, your gut or somewhere else.

If you’ve never used this part of you to get a greater sense of what’s really going on, it will take some time and practice to strengthen your ability.

Or you may even fancy some training in Amsterdam 😊

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“Helped me understand ‘me’ a bit more and also it will benefit me to understand my customers a lot more going forward.”

IB, Motorpoint