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Your intention has a profound impact!

Your intention has a profound impact!

Your intention has a profound impact!

When communicating with your sales team…individually or collectively…your intention has a profound impact. The way you are thinking and feeling comes through in your communication. When you are in a positive state your communication carries your positivity within it. You choose words that reflect your positive thoughts and feelings.

However…when your thoughts and feelings are negative, every irritation, frustration, annoyance, disappointment and especially anger will be in every word. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spoken or written because your communication has your negative energy within it.

Your energy creates an intention

When you have negative thoughts and feelings your body transmits that as an intention…even when you think you are hiding it. You can’t hide what’s inside you. You can’t even disguise it.

Just because you’re feeling bad about something doesn’t mean your team should too…that’s not what leadership is about!

In order to create clean communications, you must change the way you feel about it first or your negative energy will shine through.

You can find out how to do that in my blog What is the TFAR effect?

So what is your intention?

Negative communications are so counterproductive with sales people because when you put them in a negative state it affects the level of sales they are able to generate. Even when you have a challenging message, you can still communicate it cleanly without making your sales people feel violated, attacked or worthless.

A Harvard Business Review study found that happy sales people generate 37% more sales. This means that your negative thoughts and feelings not only affect your team…they ultimately affect you with lower morale, motivation and sales.

Before every communication, ask yourself the following questions:

What positive impact do I want to create with my sales person or team?

What are my thoughts and feelings on this situation right now?

Are my thoughts and feelings aligned with delivering the positive impact I want?

If the answer to the last question is NO…stop and do the exercise in the blog mentioned above before you proceed.

You’ll be so grateful you did…and so will your team!

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

“I’ve already improved my sales ability and feel more positive about work and life.”

SM, Motorpoint