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"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Your Sales People Could Be Making"

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Our Philosophy

Hi I’m Leigh Ashton…thank you for visiting our website.

I’ve been in sales since 1985 and a long time ago, as a young sales manager I became increasingly frustrated with the inconsistent performance of my sales team. I became inspired to find out why this happens…and crucially to discover how I could fix it.

That’s when I discovered that what goes on inside a person’s head has the biggest impact on whether they achieve sales success or not.

In 1995 I set up The Sales Consultancy and my mission was born – to shift the way people think and give them a winning sales mindset!

Whilst many sales people demonstrate an outer air of confidence, I’ve found that deep down that’s often far from the truth. Many lack that all important inner confidence and belief to achieve their sales potential on a consistent basis.

Conventional sales training simply doesn’t address the psychological barriers that get in the way of success.

Our training uncovers those barriers and smashes through them to bring about long lasting change and success.

In addition…our philosophy also focuses on getting to know your clients and prospects at a much deeper level. Selling today is more about trust, rapport and connection than ever before – and our goal is to make sure you have all the tools you need to achieve closer connections quickly and easily. That benefits you, your sales team and your customers.

Lastly, it’s our aim to give you those exquisite communication skills that get your message across in a positive and powerful way!

A sure fire recipe for all round success and happiness!

All the best

Leigh and The Sales Consultancy team 🙂

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“I love using the daily activity target and it has worked 100%…and helps push me on!”

Alan, Sales Person