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7 Growth Mindset Leadership Traits

Discover the 7 traits of being a successful Growth Mindset sales leader!

My Favourite Books

My Favourite Books

I love to read or listen to books and probably consume a book a week. Here are some of my favourites and cover a wide range of topics yet all have contributed to making me a better version of myself. I hope you find somethiing that you’re inspired to r …

iSell – First 2 Chapters Download

Brian Tracy says of this book… “This is a ground breaking book that shows you how to develop unshakeable levels of self-confidence in selling anything to anyone.” Check it out for yourself!

The Barriers to an A Class Sales Team

Ever wondered why some of your sales people don’t do the activities that they know would help them grow their sales…even when they know how to do them? This might give you some clues.

Discover how to lead your team to more sales

Check out the 5 things you should be doing as a Sales Leader to create a happy, motivated and successful sales team!

Having worked with Leigh for over 11 years and utilised her seminar, workshop and 1-2-1 consulting services across a number of business support programmes in both SME and corporate arenas, I would recommend Leigh to any individual or organisation looking to strategically increase their sales and profitability in what is rapidly becoming an increasingly competitive market…especially in such uncertain times!

The feedback I receive from clients I refer to her continues to be of a consistently high quality, and they are all extremely praiseworthy in terms of how she has helped improve their personal sales and pitching mindset and confidence, whilst giving them clarity, vision and easy-to-implement sales tools which help them develop and deliver, and at pace! This lady is a serious go-to sales and business development professional – check her out!

Glen Addis, Director of ELBP Canary Wharf Group