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"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Your Sales People Could Be Making"

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Sales Growth Mindset

Your mindset has amazing potential. More than you can possibly imagine.

It controls everything you and your sales team do…most of which is completely unconscious. In fact, about 95% of what you do is unconscious. You have no real awareness that it’s going on…like the blinking of your eyes, breathing in and out, the blood running through your body and so much more. Until mentioned did you give any of these things any thought at all? Unlikely…they just happen without you noticing.

That’s fine when they have no consequence but sometimes they have a very negative impact that gets in the way of success.

Consider your team having thoughts like:

  • I hate picking up the phone
  • My boss hates me
  • I can’t sell to C level
  • Our products/services are too expensive
  • I can’t do….

Negative thoughts like these…or others…creates a mindset that seriously impacts what a sales person can generate in sales.

It really doesn’t matter how great a Sales Leader you are, or how amazing your products or services are…because negative inner thoughts will overpower any sales ability or potential.

Think about it…how many of your sales people know how to do something…and have in fact exhibited those skills from time to time…and yet are still not consistently doing them? That’s not a capabilities problem…it’s a mindset problem!

The only solution is to change the way your sales people think and the perspectives they choose to take. You can only do this with Sales Growth Mindset development.

Sport is a great arena to see how this has already achieved greater success. Sports personalities often reduce physical training and increase Growth Mindset training to go on to achieve so much more.

Another example is when new sales people join the team and smash all their targets…with far less company knowledge than their colleagues. They are amazing for around 4 months…then they crash…because they realise what they don’t know or have bought into some of the negative beliefs and thoughts of some of their less successful colleagues. This is a really common phenomenon.

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