Using Growth Mindset Diagnostics in your development programmes

We’re proud to be accredited partners with Matthew Syed Consulting. Check out how incorporating his Mindset Advantage diagnostic tool can boost the results of your sales mindset development programmes

Mindset Advantage from Matthew Syed Consulting

We’re proud to be accredited partners with Matthew Syed Consulting. Matthew Syed is a world leader in the field of high performance, and Mindset Advantage is a cutting edge diagnostic tool based on his research and in conjunction with the research by renowned Psychologist and Growth Mindset expert Carol Dweck.

We’re now incorporating Mindset Advantage as part of our Sales Team and Sales Leadership Development programmes to maximise the positive impact of the training with your people and on your sales.

The Mindset Advantage diagnostic evaluates individuals against nine core behavioural traits that underpin a Growth Mindset and are crucial to achieving high performance.

Growth Mindset is the belief that an individual can grow and develop through dedication, hard work and purposeful practice.

Growth Mindset cultures are associated with consistently learning from mistakes and improving performance. It’s estimated that around 40% of people hold fixed mindset beliefs…that’s alot of untapped potential!

Mindset Advantage helps individuals evaluate and develop a Growth Mindset, and helps leaders apply the right behaviours and practices with their teams to increase performance. When a Growth Mindset is embedded across teams, this creates a strong foundation and learning culture in which the organisation can grow and excel.

What is Mindset Advantage?

Mindset Advantage evaluates individuals and teams against nine core behavioural traits that underpin a Growth Mindset...and drive success in individuals.

After answering a series of psychometric style questions, (approximately 15-20 mins to complete), you’ll receive your report-based results that enable performance improvements at all levels.

Growth MIndset Diagnostic

Mindset Advantage can also benchmark six characteristics that organisations exhibit when fostering a Growth Mindset, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your culture and securing an environment in which Growth Mindset will thrive.

Reports analyse and compare data between individuals, across small teams, regions and entire businesses. It offers a clear and unique view of individual, team and organisational strengths with key areas to improve. This enables rapid progress through tailored action plans to drive stronger staff engagement, collaboration and performance.

Mindset Advantage is the first step in challenging assumptions, providing insight…and inspiring action.

Helping sales people, teams and leaders

The results enable performance improvements at all levels and provides rich data and actionable feedback for:

Individuals: The report can easily be interpreted by individuals, without the need for a one to one session to explain the results. It helps to increase self-awareness, and provides practical development tips.

Teams: Individual results are combined to identify team strengths and development areas.

Organisation: Individuals are asked to provide feedback on the aspects of the organisation’s culture that can either enable or hinder growth and learning. Results help to pinpoint aspects of culture that may need to change.

The world’s most agile institutions are working to future proof their business. They realise that in a complex world they must foster an engaged and adaptive workforce capable of sharing ideas.

Growth Mindset Diagnostic
Growth Mindset Diagnostic

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