Assessing your team's Sales Mindset

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A Sales Mindset temperature check for your team

Sales Leaders are telling us that the COVID pandemic has impacted the mindset and overall wellbeing of their sales people, and this is in turn impacting directly on their sales results at the very time they are trying to recover lost ground.

What to do? First, measure where your team currently are, as a group and individually. Our Sales Mindset Reality Check allows you to build a quick snapshot of your team’s current selling mindset, their strengths and weaknesses – and suggests actions you can take today to help build winning sales mindsets in everyone in your team.

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Where are they now?

Your sales people have been through a lot! An already challenging role become even tougher during the pandemic.

How are they now? And how close are they to having the skills and mindset they’ll need to succeed in 2022?

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  3. Receive your report highlighting their strengths,  weaknesses and potential
  4. Take the actions we suggest and dramatically improve the selling mindset – and results – of your sales people

Your Report…what to expect

After reflecting on your team’s sales mindset and answering the ten questions, you’ll receive a tailored report based on your assessment of where your sales people are right now

You’ll receive an overall % score – reflecting where you think your team are currently when it comes to displaying those all-important sales mindset success traits and behaviours.

Ten individual scores – These scores indicate whether your team are flying, doing pretty well, struggling a little, or tanking!

Action Suggestions – for each section we suggest specific actions YOU can take to ensure your team move to the next level – and get more sales!

You’ll also be able to access some additional resources to help you lead your sales team, including a template we’ve created for you to assess each of your sales team individually.

Mindset is everything

“When you develop mindset skills in your team it skyrockets the impact of their sales skills and leadership…and you create a culture that cultivates happy, motivated and high performing people. Then the magic really flows…it’s a winning combo that leads to consistently great sales!”

Leigh Ashton, The Sales Consultancy

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