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"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Your Sales People Could Be Making"

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Sales Growth Mindset Accelerator

Believe that a live training is the best option for your team?

The Sales Growth Mindset Accelerator focuses on:

  • Eliminating any reluctance to specific sales activities
  • Creating more sales opportunities with your customers and prospects
  • Increasing your team’s awareness to triggers and clues in sales conversations and their ability to tailor their approach accordingly
  • Stopping the reasons and excuses…and increasing your team’s personal responsibility for their sales results
  • Generating more confidence to develop new relationships at C Suite level
  • Increasing your team’s ability to deal with ‘No’
  • Generating a strong Sales Growth Mindset culture that empowers your team to step outside their comfort zone and take bolder actions
  • Giving your team the skills to create and ask the right questions
  • Generating more revenue

Overall Benefits of the Sales Growth Mindset Accelerator

A deeper understanding than ever before of your prospects and clients, their needs, their issues, their strategies, their buying motivation and what’s important to them, resulting in…

  • Increased Sales Growth Mindset
  • More successful sales conversations
  • A more motivated and engaged team…and greater retention
  • Increased confidence, individually and company-wide
  • A happier, less stressed workforce
  • Goal focussed individuals
  • A more resilient sales team
  • More sales!

The outcome is for your sales team to be inspired and motivated to step out of their comfort zone…and take more effective actions that generate increased sales success!

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