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Are you committing or omitting?

committing or omitting

Are you committing or omitting?

When you reflect on your Sales Leadership style you’ll know instantly the activities you commit to…and the ones you would rather not do…or possibly even avoid all together.

If you were to make a list of the leadership activities that contribute to growing and developing your sales team…how many of them would you be committing to? How many of them would you be omitting due to some story that you tell yourself to feel OK?

Yes…it’s one of those ‘look at myself in the mirror’ blogs this week! Stop reading right now if you’re feeling a bit vulnerable but if you’re committed to developing into the best version of yourself then it’s worth a couple of minutes of your time!

What you are more likely to commit to?

You will be totally committing to leadership activities that are in your comfort zone. The stuff you can do with your eyes shut…been there, done that, got the T shirt.

If it develops your sales people to be the best version of themselves and achieve higher sales…hoorah…keep doing it.

If it doesn’t, then take that long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself “what’s the point?” By committing to activities that don’t work you’re using valuable time that you could be spending on developing your skills in an area that would have more impact.

Remember…when you say YES to something, you are saying NO to something else!

What are you likely to be omitting?

The stuff that’s makes you uncomfortable. Maybe these activities don’t occur regularly, so you don’t get enough practice to feel confident about them. Maybe it’s the activities that could make others feel upset or uncomfortable and you just don’t want to go there.

If the activities you’re omitting would make a positive difference, then it’s your responsibility (and duty) as a sales leader to get over yourself and get on with developing the skills you need to be the sales leader that does!

Your sales people deserve that…and so do you.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

I’ve incorporated the courses into a spreadsheet to manage my next 6 months. I now have my goals and less drift. Unhinging negative thoughts and replacing them with positive feelings that I know well from moments of accomplishment has certainly renewed my positivity and purpose!

James, Sales Person