Leadership for Sales Success

Building a high performing sales team through growth mindset leadership

Leadership for Sales Success

Addressing your sales leadership challenges

  • A programme specifically for sales leaders dealing with the challenges of leading a sales team in the current selling environment
  • 4 x bite-sized weekly Zoom sessions
  • Small group size to ensure a bespoke experience
  • Facilitated by Leigh Ashton, an expert in Sales Growth Mindset for high performance in sales and sales leadership.
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What’s going on for you right now?

  • Underperforming sales team?
  • Your leadership techniques worked well before COVID but aren’t working quite so well now?
  • Struggling to hold on to your higher performers?
  • Tried everything but can’t seem to improve the results of your poor performers?
  • Finding it challenging to motivate and inspire your team to take better actions?
  • You’re a new sales leader and keen to excel in the role?
  • You know you need to improve your leadership game though not sure how?

The sales leadership fundamentals you’ll cover on the programme…

  • Formulate and identify the sales leader you want to become…to thrive and deliver success
  • The sales leadership etiquette and behaviours required to develop a winning sales team
  • Explore the best ways to take your team, and yourself, beyond your current comfort zone…and why you absolutely must
  • Discover those key leadership elements you should be focussing on to become a great sales leader
  • What’s required to develop a sales growth mindset team and culture…essential for consistent and high performance
  • Get real clarity on who you should be developing in your team to achieve transformation in your results
  • How you can achieve the fastest growth in the shortest time

And...you'll also get

  • A copy of Leigh’s book Grow Your People Grow Your Sales…ahead of the programme start
  • A recording of each session within 24 hours… so you’ll be able to revisit the session as many times as you wish
  • Email support in between sessions. You can ask questions and get advice on your key challenges
  • Ongoing review and feedback throughout to help embed what you learn
  • Opportunities to share challenges with other sales leaders experiencing similar issues
leadership for sales success, sales leadership development

Transforming Performance

Results you can expect following this programme

  • You’ll have the tools to support each sales person and generate positive changes in their thinking, behaviours and approach
  • Additional communication and leadership techniques will help you develop, influence and motivate your people to take better actions…and generate more sales
  • You will have the know how to develop a sales growth mindset culture in your team
  • You’ll be able to identify and eliminate the thinking patterns that are currently causing under-performance in your team
  • Your new leadership approach will create a happier, inspired and more productive team
  • Your empowered sales team will be more confident to step out of their comfort zone to try new and more effective approaches
  • Your team will become more comfortable embracing change
  • The techniques and approaches you’ll learn in this programme will benefit you in other areas of your life too!
  • You’ll be well on your way to becoming an acknowledged sales leader capable of generating great performance from your team
  • You can expect higher, better quality sales and an increase in conversions

Leadership for Sales Success

Ensuring self-belief, confidence, resilience and focus to create successful Sales Leaders leading high performing teams

Session 1

Welcome, Introduction and let’s go!
Your goals for the programme
What kind of sales leader do you want to be?
Creating and embedding Your Sales Leadership Mission
Your Actions

Session 2

Check in…questions, comments, shares, reviews
The Etiquette of Compassionate Sales Leadership
Your Actions

Session 3

Check in…questions, comments, shares, reviews
Focussing on the right things
The Comfort Zone and how to keep you and your team out of it
Your Actions

Session 4

Check in…questions, comments, shares, reviews
Sales Growth Mindset Leadership Traits
The 10-80-10 rule. What it is and why you should follow it
Your Leadership Plan…what’s next?

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