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Cultivating pride in your sales team!

cultivating pride in your sales team

Cultivating pride in your sales team

Cultivating pride in your sales team…both around being in sales and also the value they deliver to customers is Principle No 5 of my 7 Principles that underpin a successful high performing sales team! 

It’s sad but true that sales as a profession evokes negative emotions for many people. In my experience, it even evokes negative emotions in sales people!

As a Sales Leader, it’s crucial that you reinforce a culture of pride in your sales team that what they do is honourable…and more than that…creates value for your customers.


How do you do that?

It’s all about changing perspectives. Your starting point is to establish what the current perspective is for each of your team. Each person will have their own view so get your detective hat on and ask your best coaching questions that get you below the surface level of their thinking.

You’ll find that your top performers have a positive perspective of their role and what they deliver to their customers. You can leave these guys to carry on doing what they are doing well already.

Your coaching of mediocre and poor performers will uncover unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.

Now you know what you’re dealing with and time to move onto what’s important to them.


What do they value?

If you haven’t already…elicit their values as an individual. The top 10 will be enough.

Match their values to their role and their interactions with customers. For example…if your sales person has a value of ACHIEVEMENT get them to come up with actions that will allow them to feel they are achieving a victory even before a sale is confirmed. Things like… getting a meeting, getting to the proposal stage, to the next step of the buying cycle. Even a NO decision can uncover vital information that positions them well for the next opportunity with this prospect. Victory is victory!

The more you align their values to their role the greater fulfilment they get…and their perspective of what they do becomes increasingly positive.


What do they give your customers?

It’s easy to diminish or even forget thy value we bring to our customers. If your sales people practice relationship and consultative conversations…they are giving value even before the sale has been confirmed.

Coach them around…

What your product or service allows your customer to do that they couldn’t do before or couldn’t do as effectively?

What pain your product or service eliminates, reduces or helps your customer avoid?

Once the value they deliver comes back into their consciousness your sales person has a greater level of self-belief and confidence, which changes the way they interact with all customers.


Their mindset wellbeing is reliant on your ability to notice any dips and spring into coaching action. Sometimes all it takes is a quick 5 minute conversation and your sales person is back on a positive track.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊



Leigh and Jonathan are fantastic, enthusiastic, very experienced, results-driven people. The programme I attended made me look at selling in a different light. I was a sceptic before the training but my style and approach changed, and my figures improved so now I’m definitely a mindset convert!

Brian Gray, British Airways