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Make it FUN!

Make it FUN!

Make it FUN!

As the old saying goes…all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy SO make it FUN to be in your sales team. This is No 7 of my 7 Principles that underpin a successful high performing sales team.

Adding fun into a work environment has a positive impact in so many ways…

  • Strengthens team bonds, commitment to the team and to achieving sales targets
  • Increases loyalty, support and trust
  • Learning becomes easier
  • Happiness…which research tells us increases sales by 37% More here on the research
  • Generates a positive winning mindset

Having fun doesn’t mean you are less focussed on achieving goals because you incorporate fun into the journey of achieving your goals.


So how do you do that?

  • Add games and exercises to sales meetings that increase drive, proactivity and creative thinking
  • Use humour in a positive way when reinforcing good behaviour
  • Be a caring and empathetic sales leader
  • Share positive stories
  • Organise social occasions when possible…it’s really important for you to stay sober on these occasions 😉


What FUN isn’t…

  • Negative banter that shames people
  • Sarcasm or gossip about one of your team
  • A laugh at somebody else’s expense
  • Getting drunk with your team ☹


Notice the reaction you get

Be sure to check the impact of the ideas you implement…if people don’t see the fun in something it’s not fun. If it’s only fun for you…you won’t get the result you want.

If it doesn’t hit the spot…get some feedback, tweak and go again.

Get your team involved too…especially if you think specific individuals have a flair for creating fun ideas. Give them the ground rules and boundaries then let them have a go!

Until next time

Leigh 😊


“Inspiring! Touched on my weak areas…acknowledging them and being offered effective solutions. Some ideas have really made me want to stretch out of my comfort zone!”

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