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Could Easter + COVID19 Lockdown = Perfection?

could easter plus covid19 equal perfection?

Could Easter + COVID19 Lockdown = Perfection?

As a Christian, Easter is a time for allowing death to occur in order for something new to be birthed. It’s a time of contemplation, identifying our truth and letting go of what no longer serves us. Holding on to something simply because it’s familiar and safe stops the creation of space for something new to come in. You have to create a void…a vacuum…a space of some sort in order to attract something that will add more positively to your life.

Over the years Easter has become a time of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns and the concept of death and rebirth has been primarily lost. So what happens? Global Corona Lockdown. Many people are at home with nothing to do having been furloughed and others are working from home in an unfamiliar way. Our usual way of being is gone and that can be very destabilising for our nervous system. We’re not used to so much space…so much time to think and reflect.

Could this be your opportunity?

Your opportunity to reflect, to contemplate the things that no longer serve you. What are they? What do you need to say Goodbye to? This task requires quiet and honesty. When I say quiet…I mean silence. We love distraction…filling the silence so that we don’t notice how we feel. I call it numbing out!

Give yourself some time to think, without interruption. That may be a challenge if you have young children so you may have to be creative…go for a walk by yourself, have a long bath, do this after they have gone to bed.

If you’ve never done this before it may not be easy

Take things one step at a time

Step 1   Acknowledge what isn’t working for you

Step 2   Own the part you play in contributing to what’s not working

Step 3   Commit to letting it go

This may be where you pause…for now you may only be able to create the void. What needs to be birthed may come later after more contemplation.

Don’t give yourself a hard time if it isn’t immediately obvious. It even took Jesus 3 days to rebirth 😉

Step 4   Commit to what you want to birth…or commit to allowing the space to be there until something shows up. It invariably will 🙂

Give yourself all the space and time you need…just go with it. It takes as long as it takes.

When I look back on my life I notice that all those challenging or difficult times always led to greater creativity, an opportunity I wouldn’t have come up with otherwise or simply a wonderful happening that gave me more joy in my life.

So let’s all stand from the viewpoint that this could be a wonderful opportunity for you…if you have the desire to take it!

Until next time…keep safe and well,

Leigh 😊


PS  Please do reach out if you’d like a conversation about your leadership or your sales team whilst in lockdown…I’d be delighted to help!

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