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How gripping bananas is a bad idea!

How gripping bananas is a bad idea!

How gripping bananas is a bad idea!

I’ve had a number of conversations this week about letting go. Let me give you some context…there you were living your life before COVID19…loving some aspects of your life, accepting or tolerating other aspects of your life and maybe disliking certain aspects. Then COVID19 arrives and you are forced to operate in a new way. This event has given you new perspectives, new insights and an opportunity to shift things.

This theme has been a focus of so many of my conversations this week…around letting go of stuff that creates friction, unhappiness and boundaries to greater potential. Many of the conversations revealed that what was thought of as really important previously had lost its appeal. Who people thought they were…the dreams and ambitions they had…how they spend their time. What each person shared came from a new perspective that had been either hidden or ignored until now.

How gripping bananas is a bad idea!

Do you know how poachers used to catch monkeys years ago? They would put a banana in a cage with a hole small enough for the monkey to get its hand and arm in to grab the banana. Once the monkey had the banana in their fist-like grip, the hole wasn’t big enough for them to get their hand back out. They would keep their grip on the banana because they were hungry and that enabled the poachers to catch them. All the monkey needed to do was simply let go of the banana and their hand would have slipped easily out of the cage.

You might like to consider…

What bananas have you been gripping?

What bananas have stopped you having what you really want?

What bananas do you need to let go of?

Me and my team

I’m not immune to gripping bananas…in fact, I have uncovered quite a few over these last few weeks.

I asked my team this week what would be on their ‘perfect’ list for happiness at work going forward. We all agreed there were some banana’s we want to let go of. We have shared some already and are pondering on others.

I’m really looking forward to a ‘banana’ free zone.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊


PS If you want to talk about the banana’s you and your team are gripping that get in the way of high performance then please do get in touch!


Photo by Patricia Hokororo

“It’s made me realise that I can overcome the things that have prevented me from taking action so far.”

CT, Serenity