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How your team’s state of mind impacts on your sales success!

Everything you experience has an impact on you…it can’t not.

Some experiences have a positive impact and some have a negative impact…and others somewhere in between.

It’s how you interpret the experience that makes the difference!

The information you’re taking in goes through your internal filters and you come up with an inner picture of what it means to you. Once you’ve decided on what that is, you will react in accordance with your inner picture.

How about your sales team? What do their internal filters create?

Here’s a scenario…

Your sales person makes a call to a prospect that they thought was going to buy and they are told that they’ve decided to buy from a competitor. They’re really disappointed and do all they can to explore their decision in the hope that they can change their thinking. The prospect sticks with their decision…end of conversation.

How your sales person processes that news internally is now up to them. Do they think it’s all so unfair? Does it ruin their day? Are they so upset that it impacts the effort they put into making other sales happen?

Well, that’s one response!

Alternatively…straight after the call, they decide what changes they’re going to make to their approach to limit the risk of this happening again. They explore every step of their strategy and learn from it. They reflect on the buying strategy of their prospect so that when they talk with them again they know exactly what their buying criteria is…and tweak their approach to increase their chance of closing the sale.

How much more in control will they be if they use this approach instead? How many more sales could they generate?

“If only you could get them all thinking in this way!”

You can. Start with small things that have a limited negative impact on their sales. Ask them…What have you learned from your experience that you can use going forward to improve your results?

Coach them to create actions that have a better impact and support them in the change. Once they’ve got used to the question and mastered this with little things you’ll strengthen their ability to do this with more challenging experiences.


…your team reacting in a completely controlled and positive way.

How many more sales do you think they’ll achieve?

When you coach your team in this way and they incorporate this approach, it transforms their results. It’s impossible for this positive mindset approach to not have a positive impact when practiced.

Hmmmmm…I wonder what a 10% increase in sales would look like?

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

“The training has allowed me to reflect and understand where I have been going wrong.”

BS, Motorpoint