What’s your Sales Leadership Mission?

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What’s your Sales Leadership Mission?

Every time I work with a group of Sales Leaders and ask what their Sales Leadership Mission is, I get responses like…

To be the best Sales Leader that delivers on targets and key business objectives.

To ensure my team consistently achieve targets.

To ensure that everyone is happy and working as a team.

I wouldn’t blame you if you think these are pretty good because we’re all well versed in corporate-speak and the corporate game BUT does it inspire you to jump out of bed each morning to be the best version of yourself?

Would it inspire your sales people to be the best version of themselves?

If you’re anything like the Sales Leaders I work with you’ll realise that it doesn’t really get your juices flowing in a way that fulfils you, inspires your sales people and creates a high performing team.

When you look at these Sales Leadership Missions you’ll see they require an element of control of the uncontrollable. You can’t make your team do what you want them to do. They have to want to!

So what can you do instead?

Play the bigger game. Focus instead on creating something that becomes the foundation where success becomes inevitable. Where rather than controlling your sales people you create a culture where they are striving to be their best selves because that’s the way you all play. Where people support and trust each other so collaboration can work its magic. So that you all want to succeed…as a team.

How about these Sales Leadership Missions…

To create a culture of trust and support where each individual can be the best version of themselves.

To create a coaching culture where my team come up with their own solutions and can feel like winners with every successful step in the right direction.

To support and challenge each individual in my team to step out of their comfort zone so they are continually growing in confidence and success.

These are from a recent session that I had with a global company and every time I look at them, they fill me with joy. When I gave them the freedom to open their hearts and create a mission that has the potential to change lives…that’s when they became truly inspired!

The old way of focusing only on skills and numbers is gone…it’s outdated! If you want a high performing team you have to be a high performing leader…and that means having a Sales Leadership Mission that bigger than you, bigger than the numbers…and focuses on the culture and growth of each individual in your team, in a way that’s right for them!

So what’s your Sales Leadership Mission?

I’d love to hear it.

Until next time,

Leigh 😊

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